1. IbrahimAbi

    Changing places

    I was shocked by this article about a woman being requested to change her seat on a plane. then I wondered what the chap would have said if she offered to move if he would pay her $100 in compensation...
  2. H

    Power of Attorney, changing Tapu.

    I know that this has been dealt with before but I cant find a relevant thread. I own a property in Akyaka. I originally bought the property with a friend and both names are on the Tapu. I have bought the friend out and need to change the Tapu to reflect this. My friend does not wish to return...
  3. keny

    Changing Banks

    At the moment I am with Yapi Kredi. I find that customer service/contact is rubbish from UK. WHAT IS THE BEST BANK FOR ENGLISH CUSTOMERS? Thanks if you can help. Kenny.
  4. mollag

    Changing Sterling.

    We are used to taking Sterling with us and changing in Turkey, last year HSBC refused us even though we are HSBC premier [uk] customers. Garanti changed for us with no bother. This year Garanti refused without the presentation of a Turkish ID card or a turkish tax number, scratching around now...
  5. F

    Changing ownership on Tapu

    I want to change the name on my Tapu to my son in law. Can this be done in England with a Turkish Lawyer or does it have to be done in Turkey?
  6. T

    Changing names on the Electricity Bill

    Hi, we would like to change the name on our Electricity Bill to our names, which Aydem office in Fethiye do we need to go to and what is the location. Also what documents should we take, Electricity Bill, Tapu & Passports?
  7. S

    Changing Money

    Hi, Can anyone confirm if the restaurants and Migros still accept English notes Thanks
  8. L

    Changing UK repayment Morgage into to buy to let

    Looking to change my repayment Morgage into a buy to let interest only Morgage and move to Turkey .Has anyone done this and can recommend a Morgage lender
  9. H

    Problems changing sterling to lira

    I went to Mugla today to change some sterling to lira. I went to two banks (Ing bank and garanti bank) and both asked for Turkish id along with my uk passport. When I explained that I had no such Id they refused to change the money. Has anybody else had this problem?
  10. teosgirl

    Changing the rules in Turkish politics

    RTE can't change to the presidential system through democratic means (he can't get the number of votes from opposition MPs) so he's changed the players and rules of the game. He has reshuffled the judiciary, placing thousands of sympathetic prosecutors and judges in high positions (after...
  11. J

    Changing Tapu?

    I have the iskan for property do I need to change tapu document from Kat irtifaki now .estate agent supposed to be helping us with paperwork when we purchased but done it ourselves with help from builders .
  12. gally

    Changing TL to GBP

    Hi can anyone advise please? I need about £5k from my TL account. Should I change it to GBP here in Turkey and send it back (free bank transfer) or to take back in TL and change to GBP in UK? It seems as though the rate would be better in UK, anyone got any advice please, thanks...
  13. L

    Changing english money

    Hi flying out to Altinkum for first time, best place to change english money please, not to be ripped off, thanks.
  14. Jaycey

    Times are changing

  15. M

    Changing phone line to a new person

    We currently have our phone line in a Turkish friend's name, and pay the bills by direct debit. This all works fine, but the friend is moving away, and so we need to switch it over to someone else. Can anyone explain the process for this to happen? We were told that the current line owner...
  16. V

    Changing Clocks

    Just a reminder for those of us in Turkey that we will be changing the clocks for Daylight Saving Time 24hrs later than the UK and Europe due to the Turkish elections. Clocks will be put forward one hour to 4am on Monday 31st March as opposed to Sunday 30 March. The Turkish Govt announced the...
  17. T

    Turkish MP's changing parties

    Some MP's have left various political parties in Turkey and joined HDP, maybe a party in the making that has a chance in a general election. :468bo:
  18. S

    Changing The Clocks

    Interesting that this would be subject to approval across UK assemblies. With Scotland ( the changes biggest opponent) possibly leaving that might mean it gets the ok, though to be fair in this neck of the woods a turn back of around 300 years would be the most appropriate BBC News - UK...
  19. Neil_Denizli

    changing username

    Is this possible? Now living in Denizli, nneed to change it. P s anyone want to buy a house in Gumusluk?
  20. stmary

    Is the Turkish lira changing to Euro

    Hi < just been into our post office and asked how much lira will we get for the pound , she then said oh the Turkish Lira by November will all be in Euro , we stood back and said we will have to check this out as what about peoples savings in the banks , She then said Turkey will join the euro ...
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