1. E

    Turkey's name may be changed in English to Turkish

    In the international arena, Turkey will be represented with the name "Turkish" instead of "Turkey", Turkish media reported citing the country's Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Ersoy. Appeals will be sent to all structures where Turkey is represented, the minister said. He also mentioned...
  2. T

    Side how you have changed

    Visited Side this September and was amazed at what has been achieved since May 2017. The walkway improvements together with the glass flooring in the old town is great but some of the magic has gone from the old town. I know that places and people will change over time but Side is becoming much...
  3. L

    Hsbc login changed

    I used to log into my HSBC account with my little reader now the screen has changed and I cant seem to find how to log in, does anyone know?
  4. S

    TLF changed?

    Has TLF changed and went downmarket , possibly becomming seedy? I ask this because the adverts around the top of the page used to be for holidays and flights- they now appear to be selling " pretty Asian ladies!" What's Mush been up to
  5. bickern

    The clocks have changed.

    I hope you moved your clocks forward. But why do the clocks spring forward at all? At 1am on Easter Sunday, the clocks moved forward by one hour, marking the start of British Summer Time. Normally, clocks are put forward an hour on the last Sunday in March, and then put back an hour on the...
  6. yalimart

    So what's changed ?

  7. C

    Has Yalikavak market Day changed to Wednesdays?

    Hi, Is it true that Yalikavak market day has gone frome Thursday to a Wednesday? If so can anyone tell me if any other of the market days have changed around Bodrum? Thanks in advance.
  8. B

    Have things changed?

    BBC News - General Lifestyle Survey: 10 changes from 40 years of questions Judging by this survey, it seems that things have changed a lot over the last 40 years. Bill.
  9. John O' Dreams

    How things have changed

    How things have changed - ten things that Irish women could not do in 1970s Women’s rights in Ireland continue to be a contentious issue as the debate over abortion reform rumbles on. To examine how things have changed for women in Ireland, Fintan O’Toole, journalist and commentator, compiled...
  10. S

    How much we've changed!!!!!!!

    I am always intrested and intrigued with some aspects of distant history and with time on my hands gave some thought and research to the age old historical mystery of why the Romans did not invade Ireland. There is no single answer for this question as it was apparently a combination of lack of...
  11. chrissypaul

    The tide as changed

  12. B

    Help, RHD car, Law changed

    As a retired person living in Turkey i wanted to extend keeping my uk car here for another 6 months ,or even getting Blue plates. I went to Dalaman last week with a translater to check exactly what was needed. So armed with the relevant paperwork they required,i went yesterday, only to be...
  13. arrian

    Not Changed!!!

    i started going to bingo about 3 weeks ago with my daughters ex mother-in-law on Monday nights at the local club, (not won anything yet) and tonight i went again. went to the table for my tickets and the woman handing them out recognised me, (told me my maiden name) and this is from PRIMARY...
  14. Marc

    Has the Car temporary Visa (180days) changed?

    I was just thinking the other day, as you do. If they have changed the tourist visa from 90day (repeatable) to 90 in 180 days, there is no point in having a 180 day visa for cars as foreigners could not use them after the original 90 days of their visa. I know you could then get a residence...
  15. may

    changed my avatar

    I thought I'd change my avatar it is only 1st January, but no harm in looking forward to the summer and the long sunny days lounging in my pool :24:
  16. M

    bogazici village to bodrum minibus times changed

    Hi every body from bogazici village to bodrum minibus time table has changed! from bogazici to bodrum; 09;00/10;00/11;00/13;00/15;00/19;00 from bodrum to bogazici ;12;00/14;00/16;00/17;00/18;00/20;00/22;00
  17. C

    All changed again?

    I do not know whether this is correct or not. Have been told today that a new regulation has been brought in regarding buying/selling of cars. Apparently you now have to have your blue card (ie residency visa) in order to sell your car? Has anyone else heard/read this? Or is it just one more...
  18. R

    Changed work-premit rules?

    I have been told that the rules regarding the work permit review is changed. If you are married to a Turkish citizen, you automatically get a work permit. Anybody know if it's true?
  19. L

    finally changed tapu

    i have finally changed my tapu from kat irf? to kat mut? so i would like to thank all the people on tlf that gave out the information that was was very easy and cost nothing..i can rest now till the next law is enforced. so thanks again and good luck to those who are doing it......
  20. P

    Short changed

    Just been to the post office to change some sterling into turkish lira - should have got 241.42 but was only handed the 241TL - and when I queried it got the most fierce look of distain. This is not the first time this has happened to me and has also happend to family and friends. The little man...
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