1. Yalides

    Champagne socialists
  2. Yalides

    Champagne socialism.

    So what's the problem with champagne socialism? | Ed Rooksby | Comment is free | That`s about it....
  3. P

    More champagne socialists.

    Red Ed's comrades are coining it in... | Mail Online Noses well and truly stuck in the trough.
  4. U

    An inquiry about champagne

    Can anyone recommend me a "not too bad" and "cheap" champagne in Turkey? Or an equivalent drink you might want to take on a boat taksi around sunset time on the way to have dinner in Bitez or Bodrum?
  5. J

    Help - champagne!!

    Flying out to Bodrum on 1 April with Easyjet and making a start on packing those essential bits and pieces we need for the house over there. Am I okay to put a bottle (well two actually) of champagne in my suitcase which will go in the hold. Have always done it with malt whisky without problem...
  6. D

    Champagne for me please!

    I have just heard an unbelievable story of friends who were on a Sunsail holiday in Turkey and decided to start their holiday with a bottle of champagne - nothing unusual to those of us who might holiday nearer to home (UK). It was their first time in Turkey and they were shocked to find the...
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