1. beyazbayan

    The 2,300-year-old torture chamber: Ancient dungeon ...

    Ancient 2,300-year-old torture chambers unearthed in Turkey | Mail Online... 22.1.2014 ยท The 2,300-year-old torture chamber: Ancient dungeon containing a 'bloody well and death rooms' unearthed in Turkey
  2. ceemac

    British Chamber of Commerce of Turkey

    This may interest some. Founded in 1887 by a group of British businessmen, from its base in Istanbul, the Chamber has developed into one of the key players in the promotion of UK-Turkish business. The Chamber is a member of Council of British Chamber of Commerce in Continental Europe (COBCOE)...
  3. P

    Chamber of Commerce

    I saw in the Voices newspaper the other week 3 people were in for the head job. The results were 22nd February. Does anyone know who got voted in please.
  4. S

    Chamber of commerce/accountant

    Does anyone know where I can find information on the fees charged by the Chamber of Commerce for registering a business, I saw a thread somewhere, but cannot find it again and I would like to know just how much our Solicitor is trying to make out of us? We're also in need of a good but...
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