1. S

    Annual General Meeting: Legal Challenge?

    We have just had our AGM and the following decisions were taken: 1. That the third party site management provider can write their own contract/specification in consultation with the HOA. Can this be legally challenged? 2. We tendered for a new Clubhouse provider (essentially a cafe and bar)...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    The Great Crumpet challenge

    We all like a bit of crumpet. The lack of crumpets is one of the great challenges of living in Turkey. I have tried this Warburtens recipe with great success, after many failures with others. Come on TLFlers, let's rise to the occasion. Photos of your best efforts by this time next week. Who is...
  3. J

    Challenge Cup Final

    5 pm Turkish time - Hoping the Catalans can defy the odds today - the history of French rugby league and the Nazi collaborators rugby union is worth reading up on - I just know the English RU would have done exactly the same if the Nazis occupied our Island Throw in the Catalan element (...
  4. B

    University Challenge.

    How do you get picked for University Challenge? - BBC News I watched the final of University Challenge, and the breadth of knowledge of these young students was outstanding. Bill.
  5. Sha Hoorsur

    SNP, the first challenge.

    When the soon to be democratically elected SNP are running the country, one of the first pieces of legislation will be compulsory Scottish lessons for all those living South of the border. This will put an end to the oft repeated phrase, aimed at every visiting Scotsman. (Which must be said in a...
  6. Yalides

    Blasphemy challenge If they were offering a crate of Stella artois I might be tempted.....
  7. bickern

    Ice Bucket Challenge pothole version.

    Some days you just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, and some days you just shouldn’t. This poor cyclist in Poland was biking through the rain on his way home from work when life decided to stick it in a twist it by sending him over his handlebars and into a muddy puddle. Like a...
  8. mamish

    the 28 Day Challenge starts 27 July

    The Magnet 28 Day Challenge is starting on 27 July! It's all to do with making small changes to how you think, feel, react and respond in order to change your experience of life and what you attract into it. It's an online program, free of charge, based on my work with emotional energy and...
  9. mamish

    The 28 Day Challenge and WOW!

    It's just over a year since I ran my last 28 Day Challenge (online) and we had over 50 participants - not just in Turkey, but other places too (and including some TLF'rs). I have a request to run it again - for repeats and for newbies (always good to go over it again and strengthen the...
  10. mamish

    The 28 Day Challenge

    Wherever you are, you can join in! Monday, 29 April 2013, the 28 Day Challenge begins! If you’re ready to take it up, be prepared to change your life! I developed The Magnet 28 Day Challenge in April 2007. For 28 days I posted a new challenge each day to the participants. The aim was to...
  11. raven

    What was the biggest Challenge you faced on Moving to Turkey?

    Hi I just wonder what every ones biggest challenge was in moving to Turkey. Mine has to be learning the language everything else so far has been pretty normal and easy to deal with.
  12. P

    The Asda challenge.

    Has anyone else done the Asda challenge.I saw it when it first came out and couldn't be bothered,I thought another gimmick.In actual fact it's very good and so easy to do and saves you money. Didn't know where to put this.
  13. J

    Challenge Cup Final

    Hi all, can anybody tell me if you know of any bar which will be showing the Challenge Cup Final on Saturday 27 August. We are staying in Bogacizi and wont have any transport. We really do not want to miss the match. Jenny and Chris:loco:
  14. F

    rugby league challenge cup final

    this yr will be my 11th yr in side on holiday,allways 1st 3 wks in august with my family...on sun 7th aug at 5:30pm me and my sons (all from leeds) will be in the flying horse watching the semi final of the challenge cup which is btwn leeds nd castleford..i was just wondering if ne yorkies ex...
  15. T

    7 Marathons in 7 Days challenge!!

    Just seen this on Facebook from Gail. Her son in law and his brother are aiming to do an incredible challenge to raise funds for a local cause near us here in Kent SEVEN Marathons in SEVEN Days!!!!! Wow!! And I thought the bike ride was tough Lol!! Here is the link to the Youtube video YouTube...
  16. rosewall1

    Challenge the price

    Having just read a post that shows the dual pricing structure in Turkey, I feel like having my say. Do challenge the price of just about everything except of course Kipa, Metro etc. I wonder if the holiday makers that pay full price or near enough full price because they say it is cheaper than...
  17. peter the postie

    Man utd fans get boost for next premiership challenge

    Source: BBC Sport.. Berbatov not for sale, says Man Utd boss Ferguson Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has insisted the club have no intention of selling striker Dimitar Berbatov this summer. The 29-year-old has struggled to make an impact at Old Trafford following his £30.75m...
  18. Bubskar

    Here's a challenge

    Has anyone come across "sticky- back" Velcro in town, or have had need of it. I do - I am loathe to start drilling holes my my new PVC window frame just to put up a little bit of curtain at my kitchen window!:38:
  19. rosewall1

    Jamie Oliver I challenge you

    Ok so Jamie Oliver is doing meals for under a fiver, people here in Turkey are complaining about prices etc. Well I challenge Jamie Oliver or any expats to produce a meal as good at this for under a fiver. Sunday lunch today we had each. 6 ozs fillet steak, peppered and marinated in olive oil...
  20. ceemac

    The Moon Survival Challenge

    This is good fun. Test yourself and see how you do against NASA's answers. C
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