1. kemerkid

    PSV/HGV Psychotechnical certificates.

    It will be interesting to see if this makes any difference on the road !!! https://halktv.com.tr/service/amp/gundem/suruculer-dikkat-1-araliktan-sonra-bu-teste-girmeyenlere-ceza-geliyor-410051h?__twitter_impression=true Drivers attention: those who do not take this test after 1 December will...
  2. CJD

    habitation certificates

    PM: Issue of homes without NO habitation certificates to be solved | Voices Newspaper has anyone applied yet? or know anymore about this?
  3. mollag

    Education certificates.

    For Turkish driving license application, would they accept my Bsc ?.
  4. R

    Tapu and Habitation Certificates

    Hi there. I am new to the site. You may already have answered my question. I am now in possession of the Tapu and Habitation Certs, what else do I need to ensure all is legal, that the property belongs to me and that I can legally sell it later should I want to? I did not use a lawyer in the...
  5. B

    Are habitation certificates a new thing?

    We have decided to sell our apartment but we do not have a habitation certificate. Are they a new thing? We bought the apartment 7 years ago off a British friend we had known for many years. The previous owner to her, a Turkish woman, bought it off plan direct from the builder, this women is...
  6. P

    Lakeside Tapus and Habitation Certificates

    Hello to all forum users, It's our first time posting a thread so excuse us if we don't follow the correct protocol just yet - we're learning you see. We are hope to become regular residents up at Lakeside, Akkaya and if everything goes to plan we take ownership of our Lakeview villa (1 of 36...
  7. P

    City and Guilds certificates

    Does anyone here know much about city and guilds qualifications/certificates? Ive got one I did years ago for a course and to be honest I didnt realise it was a city and guilds until recently...doh! Anyway, one certificate says the course name and tells me its Level 2, Ive been onto the...
  8. cweir

    Veterinary Health certificates

    We were stopped by the Jandama in Gumusluk for a routine check today. We had our 3 dogs in the car with us. The Jandama aked to see our identification and also the Venerinary Health certlficates for the dogs. We never carry their certificates with us but leave them at home. They warned us that...
  9. OWENA

    Habitation Certificates - AGAIN

    Does anyone have any idea how much the habitation certificate for a 3 bed apartment in Gundogan will be? We have been quoted that it might be £850!
  10. lorraine

    Habitation certificates houses/aprts

    This article was taken from the Land of lights, it is written by Mak Hammami of legal services in Fethiye, He has consented to his articles appearing on the TLF forum and is now a new member of the forum.
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