1. S

    Different Family Name Issue

    Hello there, I am Turkish and I have dual citizenship . I graduated from a university abroad so my name and family name on the certificate is different than the ones in Turkey. I am applying for a job abroad and I want to apply using my Turkish passport, so how can I make this happen ? do I need...
  2. C

    UK Certificate of retirement????

    OK so I now have my 2-year residence permit and we were out in Turkey from july to 12th October which was fantastic but we were paying 300 Euro a month to rent an awful car so want to progress to getting a car in Turkey So looking at the paperwork I can bring a UK car in for the two years of my...
  3. G

    Energy Certificate

    With the legal changes applicable from 1 January 2020 restricting rentals and home sales for properties without an energy certificate with a ranking of C or better I am interested in hearing how anyone has addressed this, e.g. how much does the assessment cost; what ranking is a 10 year old...
  4. juco

    New....Energy certificate

    A NEW Energy Identity Certificate for every property in Turkey is set to come into force from January 1, 2020. ... https://www.voicesnewspaper.com/new-energy-certificate-for-property-on-the-horizon/
  5. H

    Habitation Certificate

    Hi does anyone know how to obtain a habitation certificate for their property, I understand there is an amnesty to the end of October to get this?
  6. T

    Copy of habitation certificate

    We have an apartment that is one of three in a block. One of our neighbours has contacted us to inform us they have applied for, and received the habitation certificate. They are wanting us to share the cost involved. Now although we are not happy that they did not inform us of this until this...
  7. E

    Turkish Vetinary Certificate

    I am planning to bring Sam my Staffie into Side from UK. He is fully inoculated and has a passport. The Turkish advice page in UK tells me I have to have a document entitled "IMPORTING A PET TEMPORARILY INTO TURKEY". The consulate in Ankara sent me a link to download this document (which is...
  8. G

    Habitation Certificate

    I've mislaid my Habitation Certificate! We have a full tapu on our place in Gumusluk. We are covered by Bodrum BeledeyesI, and usually pay our council tax in Turgutreis. I'm out for a week in late October. Can anybody assist as to where I get a replacement, what do I need to supply, approx...
  9. E

    Criminal record certificate

    Hi, I need this for a job interview. Does anybody know where I could get it? Police? Belediyesi? Other place? And if so, would anybody know how long it takes? Thanks for any help guys.
  10. E

    Advice re marriage certificate change

    Hello everyone. My daughters apartment is in her maiden name and now that she is married the marriage certificate needs t be certified as an original. Im told something like it needs an international red stramp (if that makes sense) to allow us to get the bank account changed as well as the...
  11. E

    Need TEFL Certificate

    I have been working here in Istanbul for a while now teaching English to foreign students, but the general consensus seems to be that a TEFL Certificate is needed. I have applied at a local language centre this morning for instance and they suggested I go online and qualify for one. I have been...
  12. L

    UK death certificate

    After partner died last year a British neighbour decided to sell up and has a buyer who has paid deposit. Both names of husband and wife are on deeds. Tapu office will not accept translated Uk death certificate. Any advice ?.........without getting involved in expensive lawyers fees !
  13. R

    Habitation certificate -yapi kullanma İzİn belgesİ

    Hi, I am certain the discussion over Habitation Certificates has raised it head before. However, I am seeking some defined info if possible (legal would be fab). Story is... Property wanting to buy has a YAPI KULLANMA İZİN BELGESİ headed document . Hard to read copy but it shows a date in...
  14. W

    Habitation certificate question

    Can anyone tell me if a new habitation certificate needs to be issued if a property changes hands or is the original one valid whoever the owner is ?
  15. mamish

    School leaving certificate

    I'm reposting this under a different title in the hope that someone will have some information! I'm trying to get a motorbike licence - it's for a 125cc scooter but they only issue one type of licence. I already have a Turkish driving licence and doing the test won't be a problem - my husband...
  16. suzyq

    Pet ownership will require a certificate in Turkey

    Anybody who wants to have a pet at home will need to undergo training. They will also have to provide suitable accommodation for the welfare of the animal, as well as meeting its ethological needs and care for its health. With the new arrangement, sales of all kinds of pets and animals except...
  17. suzyq

    Turkish construction law -- habitation certificate

    A habitation certificate is one of the trickiest matters in Turkish construction law and I personally believe that it was indeed designed in a very difficult to understand, ambiguous and confusing manner supplemented with several sub legislations for the convenience of practitioners for when...
  18. C

    Tapu/habitation certificate

    My Tapu has KAT MULKIYETI on it and the box has been filled in with satis bedeli, do I also need a separate habitation certificate. I have owned the apartment for 8 years, and have only the 1 document. As we are 16 apartments, I wondered if we only need 1 habitation certificate for the block...
  19. C

    Good News To The Iskan/Habitation Certificate Victims

    Dear members, As most of you know, there's a nonsense act in Turkish law that orders the condominium owners not to get their iskan/habitation certificates as long as their builders have debts to the tax and social security offices. Due to this act, many owners had to pay the debts of their...
  20. culturevulture

    Maintenance Fees without Habitation Certificate - Legal ??? for Cem

    Now that we have Cem back, our very own TLF legal advisor, I would like to ask him some questions, please. Is it within the Law, that apartment owners on a complex can refuse to pay the yearly maintenance charge, if the complex does not yet have Hab Cert/Iskan? Even if the non-payers have their...
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