1. Billy Joe

    Food banks to be Job Centres.

    Thats effed it,the work shy won't be able to go cap in hand for their freebies. Job advisers placed in food banks, Iain Duncan Smith reveals - BBC News
  2. B

    Off shore Call Centres.

    After the nPower saga, has anybody got a good word to say about foreign Call Centres. I must admit, I can see no benefit to UK consumers. Do they reduce costs to customers in the UK? I very much doubt it. Bill.
  3. M

    Any reliable dive centres near Yalikavak?

    I'm looking for a good review of any dive centres near Yalikavak. We've used a few in Bodrum - but weren't feeling great about their safety procedures... We currently use Erman Dive Centre which is based in Sea gardens and Bodrum Marina, which we enjoy and has a good record, although...
  4. shirleyanntr

    health centres Alanya

    theres a thread going on at the moment about Sağlık Ocakları/Sağlık Ocağı in general so i thought you might find it helpful to know where you can find them in the Alanya areas Sağlık ocağı.....(or Sağlık Ocakları plural) are walk in health centres where you can get registered if you have...
  5. R

    Garden Centres in Antalya

    Hi all you keen gardeners in Antalya. We have just bought a large plot of land next to our house and I want to try to create a thriving Mediterranean garden. Does anyone know of any good garden centres in Antalya please? I am particularly interested in places which can give me useful advice...
  6. kale

    Santander call centres

    Santander moveing all there call centres back to the UK, Thank goodness for that might be able to speak to some one who speaks the queens english when needing help with a problem. anyone agree. kale:3::307bt::25:
  7. L

    Indian Call Centres

    Is anyone else fed up of dealing with 'Indian Call Centres'? I'm sick of when dealing with a company that I end up speaking to one of these call centres, I cannot understand them, they don't understand me and if you have a problem that's not listed on their prompter your stuffed. I have now...
  8. teosgirl

    first rape centres set to open in Istanbul

    First rape crisis centers set to open in Istanbul - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review This is fantastic news, although it should be noted that it has been a private enterprise and is not covered by SSK, something which they hope to change. The government should definitely do more to help...
  9. KKOB

    Service Centres

    The next time you make a call to a service centre for technical advise, remember that this is probably be where it'll be answered from. :wink: When you have a technical problem with your computer
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