1. Camden

    ‘Hobbit homes’ in central Turkey attract tourists

    F Inspired by famous fantasy novel, the Lord of the Rings, municipality in Sivas province built Hobbit homes for tourists Sami Aydin, the Mayor of Sivas, told Anadolu Agency that the municipality has so far built 24 such houses. "We are planning to increase this number to 40 or 50 in the...
  2. Alexander

    Alcohol in Central Anatolia

    Hello everybody. We are planning a trip to Konya and Cappadocia. Shall we find any places where they serve not only mezes, but also raki? Or shall we drink ayran and cay? Can anybody share any knowledge about booze-friendly restaurants in Konya and Goreme please?
  3. pembelu

    central köyceğiz garden flat 2+1 for sale from owner 95sqm

    pls note i have limited internet access via a mobile phone at the moment pls pm me for more info and i will reply fenced off big garden/ central location/build 4 yrs old and still like new not an urgent sale & not considering renting instead at this stage property is now empty and newly painted...
  4. K

    Buried planes unearthed in central Turkey

    Here's a story from the past. Could they still fly, and will anyone try? Over 50 missing warplanes found buried in central Turkey: Report - LOCAL
  5. tomc1984

    Very central Yalikavak apartment for sale.

    For sale our lovely apartment in Yalikavak. This apartment is larger than a lot of others around and is SO CENTRAL to Yalikavak. Literally 30 seconds walk to the weekly market and nearest shop; 5 -10 minutes walk to beach marina Migros Dolmus station etc. No car needed. Fully furnished 2...
  6. teosgirl

    Central Berlin car bomb

    Deadly Car Bombing In Central Berlin One man dead. It seems a bit extreme to kill one person with a car bomb device. What is this world coming to? Charlotte
  7. D

    current methods for central heating

    Hi. I am helping a family member with getting their villa uptogether and we are looking at central heating.. the villa already has internal pipework but no rads or boiler etc.. It has been suggested from my limited knowledge of an electric boiler but would love some feedback from fellow board...
  8. suzyq

    Turkish president’s jab at Central Bank stirs markets

    President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s continued harsh criticisms of the Central Bank have raised concerns about the future of its governor, Erdem Başçı, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, both of whom are widely respected among global market players. Speculations about the possible...
  9. mollag

    Drug central UK

    This is the top news story on the Isle of Man at present, Breaking Bad based on us do you think? :114mf:
  10. A&P

    Electric radiator central heating

    Hi. Does anyone run radiator central heating via electric?. We have a radiators installed which are fired by diesel, which makes the system impossible to use because of the exceptional cost of the diesel. We are considering exchanging the boiler for an efficient electric one and would like to...
  11. Firefox

    CIA Central Interrogation Agency

    All of us coloured skinned non white people in the world knew the dirty tricks cunning modus de operand of the CIA. No else knew Till Today!!!!!!!!?????? What a surprise The Government Senators home security army navy and police suddenly found out that CIA were killing torturing murdering and...
  12. suzyq

    Central bank demurs on emergency rate cut

    In an apparent step to distance itself from political pressure, Turkey's central bank said on Monday that the bank will decide for itself on the timing of any future interest rate cuts, defying last week's calls from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for an emergency rate cut. In the wake of...
  13. Giudi Firenze

    1 bedroom long rental central Didim

    I need 1 bedroom flat in central Didim, before the end of the year for 6/12 months.i am selling my flat and I want to rent for now. 1st floor or higher, must be near amenities and public transport. Unfurnished. I can pay 350TL a month max. I am mature single lady, tidy, no pets. If you think you...
  14. bickern

    Central bank hikes lending rate in bid to stem lira slide

    Looking to the left Lira Exchange Rates £1.00 (GBP)= 3.0517 €1.00 (EUR)= 2.6095 $1.00 (USD)= 1.9486 ------------------------------------------------------ Turkey's central bank raised its overnight lending rate by 50 basis points on Tuesday in a surprise bid to prevent a slide in...
  15. bickern

    Central bank signals for rate hike

    Could be good news for savers then. --------------------------------------------- Turkey’s central bank signalled yesterday that it is set to raise interest rates to stabilize a plunging lira, after intervening heavily last week to shore up the currency as it sank to record lows. In a rare...
  16. A

    Looking for an apartment to long term rent in central Alanya on "Low period" 2013/14

    Looking for an apartment to long term rent in central Alanya on "Low period" 2013/14 Hello! I am looking for an apartment to rent in central Alanya area ( may be Oba). Starting November 2013 and finished march 2014. All 5 month. Furnished, 1+1 or 2+1 ... and any more, if "welcome price" :)...
  17. E

    Central Alanya rental wanted

    Hello :) I'm after a 2+1 in central Alanya if anybody knows of any looking to stay from 28th June until 1 week September, thank you :)
  18. J

    Central Heating

    Can anyone recommend a form of central heating and someone who installs it.I have heard about a new one thats run off a wood burner has anyone got this and is it effient.Many thanks.
  19. K

    Long term let in central bodrum

    Hi everybody I'm currently looking for an appartment/villa in bodrum centre. I have been going to bodrum for 7 years and lived there last year from April till November. Would like to find a fully furnished good priced appartment/ villa from march till end or beginning of October next...
  20. F

    electric or oil for central heating

    Hello all. Renting a new house with already fitted heating radiators (water). My landlord will soon install the external heater equipment in an already prepared shed outside the house. I can choose what i want: electric or oil heating - nice TR landlord! What do you think is the optimum? 2...
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