1. Tenpin

    News Science center to be opened near Lake Salda

    Science center to be opened near Lake Salda The Turkish Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Ministry has decided to establish a science center near Lake Salda, known as Turkey’s Maldives, due to its...
  2. bickern

    Muğla bazaar, trade center of the past

    Muğla bazaar, trade center of the past A historic Ottoman bazaar, called “Arasta” in Turkish, in the western province of Muğla has been attracting many people since its establishment hundreds of years ago. The bazaar is home to 100 shops, with saddlers, shoe sellers, hairdressers, hardware...
  3. Tenpin

    Center Against Illegal Streaming

    Looks like Turkey is founding a center against illegal streaming. Turkey to found center against illegal streaming Our use of Kodi may be coming to an end in the not too distant future.
  4. suzyq

    Çeşme creates artificial reef and diving center

    The Çeşme Artificial Reef project, which was initiated 10 years ago as an attraction for divers and to increase the number of fish, has begun to come to life. In the first step of the project, 50 concrete blocks were left off Karada (Eşekada) Island on March 15. Eşme District Gov. Mustafa...
  5. kemerkid

    Disaster Preparedness Center

    This isn’t funny at all but when I read it I could not help but laugh. ‘Lodos’ storm badly damages Bursa’s disaster preparedness center’ ?Lodos? storm badly damages Bursa?s disaster preparedness center - LOCAL The story just seems so typically Turkish.
  6. S

    Macro Center Palmarina

    I was recently at the Macro Center in Yali i went to buy some wine and beer. Has any one been there???? I was very sad to be treated horrible by the girls working in their its like their against english people or all foreigners. They were very rude and when i asked for help all i heard was salak...
  7. C

    hotel needed in center of turgutreis

    can anyone tell me of a nice friendly hotel with pool/hi-fi in the center of Turgutries please? thank you
  8. luckycat68

    Macro Center --- warning

    I would just like to warn anyone going to the Macro Center to please check your till receipts and change I have been there 4 times for a couple of things and twice I have been "done " -- 1st time I was short changed by the girl on the till by 2 tl , quiered it and she said "OH sorry my...
  9. R

    ICCM International Culture Center of Mahmutlar club meeting

    ICCM Club Meetings 6 of July, Friday, 18:00, ICCM Library English Conversation Club Topic: Travel all over the Turkey Everybody is welcome to join the meeting in a nice library atmosphere by the cup of tea or coffee with a great company! The aim of the English conversation club is to bring all...
  10. A

    International center for foreigners

    Hi, Have you heard about new project of INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR FOREIGNERS in Alanya?
  11. S

    Books/Helping Dalyan Dog Rehab Center

    There will be an Awareness Evening this coming Sunday, 14th August, from 6.30 PM- 9.30 PM at the Market/Bazaar in the Centre. There is a large selection of books available for only 2 TL. All proceeds are to go towards flea and tick treatment for the street animals. Please drop by on your way...
  12. S

    lodger required... paspatur fethiye center

    en suite room in shared house full sea and mountain views fully furnished 300tl plus shared bills available from 15 february for above contact By PM !!!!
  13. mrkeith

    911 islamic center

    This should go down well at the next tea party BBC News - Obama defends right to build mosque near 9/11 site
  14. bobthenob

    Didim Shopping Center Hasslers

    I see there is no change in the retailers behaviour from last year in the Main Didim Shopping center mall right down the Bottom of Alrinkum on the right side. The hassling seems to be worse this year.They are now standing outside the entrances accosting passersby by physically grabbing...
  15. ceemac

    Tigris River Dam at Center of Controversy in Turkey

    Set to produce 3.8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year, the Ilisu Dam project is part of the Turkish government's plan to boost economic prosperity in the country's less developed southeastern region. But building the dam has caused numerous battles between governments and...
  16. gerald

    International rehab center to be built in Mahmutlar

    Sunday, October 11, 2009 Hürriyet Daily News The local governor's office and the municipality in Alanya are teaming up to build an international rehabilitation center in the Mediterranean resort town. The center will provide treatment to patients with disabilities from Europe and Turkey, while...
  17. C

    Looking for a villa to rent in Bodrum center

    Dear All, friend of mine is planning to move to Bodrum. This year he wants to experience the living in Bodrum by renting a villa close to Bodrum Yacht Marina. He wants a high standard furnished villa with swimming pool. Does anyone here own a villa to rent him. Thanks Cigdem

    Rent a house in the Bodrum city center

    Hiii, If you looking for rent a house in the city center send mail to me. 2 bedrooms 1 livingroom 1 bathroom 1 balcony 2 minutes walking distance to the marine... Aylin.

    Rental house in the Bodrum city center...

    Hiii, If you looking for a house in the city center send mail to me. 2 bedrooms 1 livingroom 1 bathroom 1 balcony 2 minutes walking distance to the marine... Aylin.
  20. bickern

    Turkish Citizens Advice Center in Mugla and it is free

    Today on my visit to Mugla I noticed a new place had opened that looked like tourist information, but when I entered it appears it is the Turkish equivalent of our CAB. Alo179 is its name and they speak English amongst other languages as Russian, German and Dutch etc. It is also a 24hr service...
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