1. juco

    Census return

    Just had my census form returned back to me with a nasty letter. In answer to the question "Do you have any dependants" I put.... "Asylum seekers, gypos, smackheads, unemployable basteards, the cast of The Jeremy Kyle Show, Northen Rock, Royal Bank Scotland, and half of feckin Eastern...
  2. juco

    Your census info is safe ! My A..!

  3. ANDY2UK

    census ?

    We have some friends in Tosmur that say they have had to register at the Zabita and Police this week. They say it is a National thing yet nobody here in Gazipaşa knows anythıng about ıt nor do our Turkısh frıends ın Alanya. Is there any truth ın thıs or ıs ıt another scheme dreamed up by the...
  4. ceemac

    What the Turkey-wide census 2007 is about

    Census - Turkey 2007 I'm sorry that this article is so long but I think it'll be informative for those members living in Turkey, particularly Section 4. "With a slightly nostalgic feeling older residents of Turkey will remember the experience of a public census. For one Sunday everybody was...
  5. Yas


    Has anyone had the census takers knock on their door? Just curious as to when they will start in our area. No one appears to know. Standard answer to queries: No hurry! Will not be completed until June, 2007.
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