1. R

    Installing ceiling light

    Been trying to find some DIY videos on youtube. All of them are for US homes. All have plaster ceilings and connecting the fixture to joyce. No I do NOT know what I am talking about, just making observations. Looks like everything in Turkey is solid brick, concrete, plaster. Our new place has no...
  2. suzyq

    Ceiling Price on petrol/diesel ends tomorrow

    A two-month period allowed by the energy watchdog to impose a ceiling on the gasoline and diesel prices in Turkey comes to an end tomorrow, with some analysts expressing concern over the potential volatility over regional and domestic political tension. Turkey bids farewell to ?cheap? gas -...
  3. L

    Ceiling Paint

    In England you can get some good ceiling paints, 1 coat, thick etc but I'm struggling here. Anyone have any ideas where to get a nice thick one coat, preferably silk ceiling paint? I don't mind a bit of travel within an hour radius of Altinkum.
  4. R

    Ceiling Fan/Light Fittings

    We are flying out to our apartment in Ilica in a couple of weeks and were planning to bring out fan/light fittings for the bedrooms. Can these be bought locally and are they expensive - we have the luggage allowance, just don't know if we want to bring so many things...
  5. B

    Buying Ceiling Fans Altinkum/Didim?

    Forgive me if this has been covered before. We are looking to buy a couple of (hopefully) high quality ceiling fans for our house in Akbuk in May. Anyone know the best shop/place to buy them in the Altinkum/ Didim area? Thanks in advance. Mel and Anne.
  6. B

    Ceiling Fans in Didim?

    We want a couple of ceiling fans fitted in our living room in Akbuk. The ones we have seen in other people's houses have had to be ordered from Istanbul we have been told. Do you know if you can get them local in the Didim area? Thanks. Mel (and Anne)
  7. butt007

    Ceiling Coving,emulsion peeling off

    Hi all, wonder if anyone can help me here, I have started re-decorating the apartment for the first time and am about to start with the ceilings and coving. The problem is this, the emulsion on the coving after about 6 months - 1 year starts to bulge away in quite longish pieces (for 2-3feet)...
  8. B

    Ceiling Fans?

    Next May we are thinking of having a couple of ceiling fans fitted in our living room. Anyone know where they sell them in the Altinkum/Akbuk area? Is it a big job to fit them? And is it expensive? Thanks in advance. Mel (and Anne)
  9. J

    Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    I've been searching and searching & it now looks like I may have to bring an outdoor ceiling fan over from UK - unless anyone on this forum knows differently Kalkan / kas / online stores...any location gratefully accepted Thanks in advance
  10. peter the postie

    Ceiling fans etc

    We have some spotlights that we'd like to have fitted in our apartment. While we are at it i thought ceiling fans would be a good idea too. Does anybody know how i could contact an electrician to have the work done ?
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