1. B

    Bringing CDs DVDs and Vinyl to Turkey

    We are moving to Didim in September and bringing our personal stuff with us probably via Pickfords. We have quite a lot of CDs Dvds and Single /albums in vinyl that we have collected over the years. Has anyone brought theirs over and have there been any problems with doing so. Pickfords are...
  2. S

    DVDs, CDs....

    Hiya Im moving to Turkey in 2 weeks and as I live with my parents at the moment I dont have any furniture - just clothes and personal items so I thought it would be best to take over a couple of suitcases. However I have a DVD collection of about 80 -90 DVDs. Will I have any problem in...
  3. D

    Bringing C.D.s etc.

    I know it's not worth briging electrical goods into Turkey but is there any restriction on c.d.s , d.v.ds. etc
  4. Aladin

    Music LPs to CDs

    Wanting to get some of the old LPs moved over onto CD. Has any one done this and what was involved? I've seen a couple of software programes advertised but not sure as to how good they are. They mentioned leads to connect up. What leads and where exactly do they go from and to on the PC/laptop...
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