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  1. Struggs

    CD/RW Disc problem

    I have 2 CD/RW discs with files on that won't load on the computer. When I put them in the drive nothing happens. I have carefully cleaned them, but still no joy. Anyone know what I can do, one I am not too bothered about, but the other one has loads of photos on. Diane
  2. Struggs

    Updating CD/RW Discs

    Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I have saved files on CD/RW, and thought today as I have added to existing files, I would update these. But when I try to save to the disc I get the following message. You do not have the permission to save in this directory. See the administrator to obtain...
  3. Struggs

    Photos on CD/RW Disc

    I have started to save my photos on a CD/RW. How do you arrange them in the order you want, not alphabetical as happens.
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