1. R


    Hi, Due to commitments back in the uk ,our house here in turkey will be left unoccupied for three to four months over the winter. Although we have a guy who calls daily to clean the pool,and keeps an eye on things when we are not there, we are thinking of installing cctv cameras that work via...
  2. D


    Where can I buy a security camera from? Ive tried Tekzen but they are available online only i can install it myself
  3. juco

    Confused CCTV v Home surveillance

    From what I can gather you can film in public places and it is not illegal in the UK. We are also on CCTV many times a day in town centers etc. Yet if I film someone outside my property on a home surveillance system that violates data protection. Anyone know the specific legalities of all this?
  4. willip

    Turkish earthquake on CCTV cameras

    HOTEL COLLAPSES: Deadly Turkey quake caught on CCTV on MSN Video
  5. L

    CCTV being installed in Ozcelik

    All go at the site at the moment as we are having CCTV installed. Lived here for 6 years and don't know of any robberies, but better safe than sorry :roundgrin:roundgrin
  6. teosgirl

    British school installs CCTV in Gym changing room and toilets

    Has anyone seen this? It's amazing, the things that happen within the British education system. My daughters safety and well being were one of the reasons we chose to live in Turkey, and selected the area we did. I would be horrified if this happened in their school. Parents Outraged After...
  7. J

    cctv cameras

    I could have been forgiven for thinking April 1st had come early today. We have received a message from our resident site caretaker that it is to be made obligatory for all sites to have at least one cctv camera installed complete with recording unit. It will probably cost us at least US$750. I...
  8. J

    Burglaries & CCTV

    Hi All We recently received the following from our Mgt Co: ---------------------- Due to latest increased burglary in Kalkan, the local Council and Jandarma has recently had a meeting and the outcome is to put cameras in and around Kalkan and also Jandarma will have more men out controling the...
  9. martin m

    cctv verses security guard

    Hi all Just back from a fortnight in Altinkum,and yes we had a great time, and never saw a cloud for two weeks, The only blot on the horizon was a debate over security, because when we where out in May they (oracle) installed cctv cameras on our complex, with the tv,s that monitored them placed...
  10. R

    Bodrum gets CCTV

    Surpised to read this article in the Turkish Daily News dated 31st March ! "The Mobese project, which is a massive surveillance camera system that monitors the streets for the Turkish police, will be applied in Bodrum and districts in order to assure safety. With the system, after a total...
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