1. suzyq

    Britain's first cattle factory: £50m

    I hope this never happens. Spectre of Britain's first cattle factory: £50m plan for megafarm that houses 8,000 cows in sheds the size of 22 football pitches Read more: £50m plan for Britain's first megafarm that houses 8,000 cows | Mail Online
  2. ceemac

    Hitlers Giant Cattle

    What a strange story this is; 'Hitler's giant cattle now in UK A breed of giant cattle created by the Nazis can now be seen in Britain for the first time after a farmer imported the huge creatures to graze conservation land. The Heck Cattle were created by Adolf Hitler's geneticists because...
  3. Pygmallion

    Ancient city of Miletos is a cattle haven

    Museum closed to tourists, mosque open to shepherds The ancient city of Miletos, near Didyma (Didim) and one of the twelve Greek cities of the ancient İonian confederacy, has a museum that used to be visited by about a million tourists annually but was locked up five years ago, reported the...
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