1. suecheshireuk

    Kennels and cattery recommendation please, Fethiye area.

    Hi, I have read an old thread on places recommended for dogs, but just wondering if anyone has any recent recommendations on where to place our cat and dog when we go on our holidays. Many thanks. xx
  2. D

    Cattery in Didim?

    Does anybody know if there is a cattery in Didim.
  3. T

    boarding cattery

    Just wondering if any member can help,friends are looking for a boarding cattery anywhere between Ortaca and Marmaris,they had heard that there maybe one near Akyaka.If anyone has any contact details we'd really appreciate it.:tigger: thankyou tulip
  4. G

    Turkish Cattery

    Does anybody know if there is such a thing as a Cattery anywhere in Turkey....We have friends who are looking to take 2 cats back home to the UK,but the cats need to stay in Turkey for another 3 months following there rabies vaccinations...We are NOT looking for a cat shelter.... Preferably a...
  5. R

    Cattery in Akbuk area?

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me if there is a cattery anywhere near the Akbuk area or Bodrum even? We have a pedigree house cat and want to bring her to Turkey but if we want to come back to the Uk for a visit we would have to put her in quarantine if we brought her back. Obviously we don't want...
  6. B

    Cattery & Vets

    Is there such a facility in Altinkum ?? We have two cats and we intend bringing them out with us when we get to move out permanently. The thing is, what do people do when they pay a visit back to the UK ?? Also, can anyone recommend a good Vet, our apartment is located near the...
  7. J


    Hi there Does anyone know of a cattery or a vet who looks after cats whilst their owners are on holiday in Didim/Altınkum area? Also what are the costs? Thanks.
  8. R

    Standard of hospitals and dentists and Docs?Also vets and cattery?

    Hello Thinking about moving to Altinkum area or Kudasaki area.What are your experiences of dentists and doctors and hospitals in these areas?Good or bad?Also I have a cat which I plan on bringing to Turkey too.Are there catteries and vets around ?Love to hear about your experiences with these...
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