1. L

    Your new Avon Representative

    Hiya everyone, I'm a new representative of the Avon catalogue and I am available to take orders from anyone in Dalyan or the surrounding areas. If anyone would like to browse the catalogue and / or place an order please pm me :) The next orders for delivery are being placed Friday 19th April...
  2. C

    Warning!!!kays catalogue emails!!

    Just a warning for anyone receiving an email saying thankyou for placing an order heres £10 off your next order,weve just had 2 of these come in and as we havent used KAYS for years got straight on the phone to them,the adviser asked if we were calling regarding an email and asked us to forward...
  3. ted j

    Ikea catalogue

    I know a lot of people don't like Ikea and prefer to buy local furnishings, but have a look at the 2010 Turkish catalogue. Some of the styles and prices aren't bad. (click to enlarge page). Ted. IKEA
  4. Marc

    Online Turkish Metro catalogue

    I cant find your section on turkish prices, i did look honest. But have just found out how to get the Turkish Metro trade mag via internet. take a look here Click on Non food for the white goods etc please can you move this post to its...
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