1. bickern

    Sex assault on male Windsor Castle guard

    'Drunk' female trooper in 3am sex assault on male Windsor Castle guard is let off with a reprimand 'because she's a woman' Drunk female soldier was seen rubbing herself and trying to kiss off-duty guard Male troopers were outraged that Corrie-Alice Holmes only received a warning...
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Castle found under lake Van

    A lost 3,000-year-old castle has been discovered by divers and researchers in Turkey’s Lake Van. The spectacular ruins are thought to be those of a fortress built by the Uratu civilisation which flourished in the iron age between the 9th and 6th centuries BC. 3,000-year-old fortress discovered...
  3. merpip

    Castle restaurant

    Can any body give me directions to the castle restaurant at Mavishir as we've been told it is good !? Anyone else tried it ? Cheers:12:
  4. kale

    Bodrum castle

    Whilst talking to our friends in BODRUM today on Skype from the UK Picture was fantastic , she spun the laptop round so that I could see all her plants ,and boganvilla,s oh how beautiful. Next was her and her husband all golden and tanned , Then she spun it round with the gorgeous view of...
  5. bigred

    Bodrum Sunset

    I visted Bodrum Castle for the first time this year, and I can't believe it took me so long to get around to it. There's great views of the town from the ramparts, and lots to see inside. Took this photo, later that night, drinking a beer on the beach as the sun went down.
  6. gerald

    Cable Car to Castle

    Just found out about the cable car plan, just thought I would share their vision. Alanya'nýn Resmi Web Sitesi Marching band and the cable car for Alanya Castle I'm guessing marching band means escalator?
  7. G

    Castle REAIM Property Investment

    Has anybody had any contact with this company? Does anybody know anything about them? Castle Real Estate Finance in Turkey - Asset, Construction, and Development Finance - Pre-Packaged Preferential Payment Plans Have you been approached by them offering to sell property for you?
  8. S

    Bouncy castle for sale

    Bouncy castle for sale, 3m x 9m x 3m high, has slide, obstacles etc. Comes with 2 electrical pumps, only 1 needed to keep it inflated, other spare. 1500tl. Pm me if you're interested Sara
  9. S

    Alanya Castle Bombings

    I would like to explain that the bombings that take place at the same time every evening at about 7.50pm are cannon's being fired at prayer time as it is Ramazan. Ramazan is a time for Muslim's to fast. The cannon noise informs all Turkish people to break fast as this is the time of sunset...
  10. A89

    2 more bombs at alanya castle????

    ive just been told that 2 more bombs have just gone off at alanya castle, does anyone know if this is true?
  11. B

    Bodrum castle wedding

    Hey everyone!! Does anybody know how to organise a bodrum castle wedding?? Any help and advice would be great cheers bronia x
  12. R

    Directions from Akbuk to Hotel Gulec Bodrum or Bodrum Castle?

    Hello been trying to find directions online from Akbuk to a Hotel in Bodrum called Hotel Gulec, Uckuyular St. No:18 Bodrum / Turkiye, tried Google Maps and Multimap with no luck. I know the Hotel is near The Castle, so directions to there would be wonderful. Thanks in advance for your...
  13. Dalaman Deli

    Yedikule - Seven Towers Castle

    I am off to Istanbul next month to meet up with friends who are coming over from the UK. Some have visited before and some haven't so I am looking for places to show them off the beaten track. This place sounds a bit gruesome but I think I am going to add it to the itinerary. This fortress is...
  14. Pennie

    Harbour Bar aka Castle Diner aka Jokers

    İve just had a fantastic meal at the Harbour Bar in Akbuk...Spring Rolls and much i couldnt eat it all and very reasonably priced at 8ytl. We enjoyed it so much we have booked for the Valentines Day or should i say evening meal. This is a 3 course meal....choice of starter...steak...
  15. willip

    Castle Diner

    I believe that Jan has sold the Castle Diner,The new owners of the Castle are Barry and Kim from Yesiltepe, it had only changed hands the week before. It is to be closed down very soon for refurbishment. does anybody know what sort of changes they have planned for the place Pat
  16. chatty cathy

    For Sale Bouncy Castle

    :angel: Second hand commercial sized BOUNCY CASTLE (Lucky Elephant) with childrens safety wall, blower and all weather cover. Good money making investment ideal for KIDS PARTIES/ BAR/RESTAURANT/HOTEL or CHARITY EVENTS etc. Buyer collects from Bodrum. Only £600 o.n.o. PM me :angel: through...
  17. A

    Castle Diner Boat Trip And Bbq 27th May 2008

    Boat trip and BBQ starting at 10.30 am from Castle Diner. Pre-boarding tea/coffee/toast, lunch of chicken, pasta, tuna, salad ending with mega bbq on return to Castle Diner of steak, chicken, kofte and sausages, coleslaw, jacket potatoes, potato salad, bulgur rice etc. etc. Limited places so...
  18. T

    what is happening at the castle diner this month

    wednesday 12th december - mexican music & food & quiz night chilli con carne chicken fajitas starts 8 pm saturday 15th december - childrens carol singing...
  19. T

    Tonite At Castle Diner , Akbuk - Hakan

    DONT MISS OUT ON THIS! CASTLE DINER, AKBUK 8.30pm. Live performance by international singer and of course great food by resident chefette, Jan and crew!
  20. D

    Castle Hunting

    One of my little jaunts is to go to castle hunting, having read so much on the Templar Knights, the crusades etc etc can anyone tell me if they have any decent castles or castle ruins in thier area to visit? I am not interested in greek or roman ruins as all the ones i've seen in Turkey depress...
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