1. mollag

    'Ne'er cast a clout

    'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out' Well May is out so let us cast some clouts Out Tory posters, you know the fist shakers, I recall Y'all laughing at JC's elevation to Labour leader, predictions like, A tory gov for a hundred years, - he wont last till easter, 2016, even lets send Labour...
  2. B

    Chrome cast dongle

    Please could any one tell me how this actually works. We have unlimited internet, wi fi and a smart tv . Presently we are getting English tv via lap top and van. In uk at present returning in a couple of days and wondered if the chrome cast will be a better option. We live in Toparlar,Koycegiz...
  3. yalimart

    Cast the first stone

    Car Thief In Ireland Felled By Rock Bounce-Back and A little bit of light hearted news but well deserved ! Martin
  4. bickern

    Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire with Marble Plinth

    I am placing this here for a friend, so PM me if you are interested and I will give you their email. Cast iron wood burner/soba with marble plinth Available now for 450tl (1200 new). Buyer will need to pick up from Inli├že by Gokova/Fethiye
  5. S

    The cast of TLF

    Following on from my post in the "suggestions please" thread Call it Dads Army Mainwarring-Mushtaq Wilson-Terry Pike-Yalimart Frazer-Giglets Godfrey-Warren Walker-Saoirse Jones-Yalides Sue x I thought it would be fun to rehash other famous programmes Heres my suggestions for coronation...
  6. G

    black cast iron soba wanted

    Bit of a long shot but if anyone has a black cast iron soba for sale in and around the Fethiye area , although willing travel and have transport to move said item , I would be very interested. Thanks Gina
  7. Peaceplant

    Cast Iron Headboard

    To save hunting the length and breadth of the Bodrum peninsula I wonder if anyone has spotted any cast iron headboards on their travels. We are after one for our k/s bed. Ikea do a white one 300 lira-ish. Wonder if you can get them made locally?
  8. A

    cast iron multifuel stove for sale

    Hi everyone, it has been sometime since I posted here due to work/life commitments etc. but I do look in regularly to see what is going on !! (used to post as moodyblues) I have a cast iron multifuel stove for sale if anyone is interested ? It is a very heavy solid cast iron construction...
  9. L

    The Dice is Cast

    Well I've been and gone and done it, I am now officially retired, Glyn should be leaving his employment at the end of the year and it will then be all systems go to move out to our apartement sometime in the spring. The plan is to rent our property in the UK to supplement our pensions, see how...
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