1. luckycat68

    Another Cassie Problem

    Well here we are again !! For those TLF members who know me and Cassie I am sorry if I am repeating myself ! Cassie was a former street dog who was poisoned last June 2005 as a pup- she was on the brink of death but I nursed her back to good health and decided to keep her. I had a problem with...
  2. madturkishcow


    Hi Lucky Cat :) Just wondered what you have decided to do about Cassie? I am sure that I am not the only one who is waiting to hear. Regards MKC
  3. madturkishcow

    Home for Cassie?

    Ok you soppy lot! Go to the cassie needs a home thread and read........... :lol: MKC
  4. luckycat68

    Home For Cassie

    This is my last plea ---- is there anyone there on the Bodrum penisular that could help my dog Cassie i posted last week about my situation & now it is worse i am so sad but have got to find her a home she is such a good dog & loves to play & walks gets on with cats & kids loves to sleep outside...
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