1. juco

    Cash line ..hilarious.

    The cash machine where I live is giving out double £20 notes so £40 for £20, this was at 4.00pm so the police attended to stop it and told no charges would be made its up to the banks, so typical of this towns style when the police left they all started withdrawing money again. 5 hours later...
  2. A89

    Pay cash into someone elses account

    Since my performance with Denizbank I closed all my Turkish bank accounts. I will need to send 2 payments to someone in Turkey before I leave but Ive heard that you now cant pay cash into someone elses account (its less than 100tl) does anyone know if thats true? If it is true can anyone...
  3. A89

    Taking cash out..

    I looked up an old thread but didnt see the info I need on there. Does anyone know whats the limit in Euros I can take into Uk with me please? I saw on the old thread they were mentioning declaring and not declaring etc. If you declare it then what? is there a charge or am I just notifying...
  4. A

    How much cash can I take in

    Hi, what's the limit of cash money I can take into Turkey ( undeclared ) ? And if I have to declare, what's the limit and what's the procedure. Thanks
  5. immac

    Cash to Buy Out Military Service

    From Hurriyet: "...The law enables young Turkish men to complete their military service in 21 days instead of five-and-a-half or 12 months if they are university graduates and pay an amount of money to the government through bank accounts. According to the law, citizens born on or before Jan...
  6. Tenpin

    Voting With Their Cash, Investors Lose Faith in Erdogan Economy

    Interesting read:
  7. L

    carrying Cash

    Please does anyone know how much cash you can legally carry on your person when you leave Turkey? Thanks
  8. A

    Donate clothes or cash to Peru children

    Send Parcels Living Heart is always grateful to receive parcels of: Warm clothes: Thick, knitted, new clothes for babies and children (age 0-10 years (Western sizes)) – especially leggings without feet, hats for the babies that cover the ears and jumpers of all sizes. Also warm jumpers and...
  9. juco

    Sterling in cash

    Anyone have an idea how much Sterling the banks in Didim are likely to have as I may want £2k when I am next out there for some funding. I am just wondering if it would need to be ordered in advance. I could email them but unlikely to get a reply going from experience.
  10. Yalides

    Cash in hand

    Banks are urged to ban £50 notes in a bid to end the cash-in-hand culture and help recoup billions in tax for the Treasury  | Daily Mail Online Much prefer a wodge of twenties in the hand than fifties...
  11. P

    Cash transfer using HiFX?

    Has anybody on the Forum used HıFX for international money transfers ? Any positive or negative feedback based on experience would be appreciated. Thanks Pete
  12. T

    Vouchers or Cash?

    Do the British deserve 'cash in their pockets for work done' eg: decide for themselves what suits their lifestyles or..... need vouchers for 'Free school meals & designated childcare Placements' etc? Don't the workers of Britain deserve to have a 'Choice' on how & where they spend their money...
  13. barry budd

    cash tills in turkey

    can you get sterling from Turkish cash machines considering the high lira rate and are there any charges going to Istanbul end of may was going to take cash wife's a little bit worried about traveling with cash thanks
  14. Yalides

    Cash in hand

    Labour wages war on paying cash-in-hand: Balls says he always asks tradesmen for a receipt... and we should, too | Daily Mail Online The two Eds don`t like cash in hand. Get used to it lads cos if your lot get elected (god help us all) at the next election it will become a fact of life. (Also...
  15. bickern

    Cash rewards for marrying early in Turkey

    Turkey offers cash rewards for marrying early. The latest promises of financial incentives by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu aim at getting young people to marry before graduating from university and produce at least three offspring. The...
  16. L

    Transfer of Cash charges

    We're looking to transfer a sum of money to our Garanti Bank prior to our next trip out, does anyone have an idea of the cheapest way to do this? Has anyone used Transfer Wise? Does anyone know how much Garanti Bank will charge for the transfer? Its been a long time since we transferred a...
  17. Kingfisher

    Cash a cheque in GBP in Turkey - is it possible?

    I have been given a cheque in pounds Sterling and no longer have a bank account in the UK. Does anyone know of a Turkish bank that would accept it into a Sterling account or is that now mission impossible?
  18. Spurs

    Cash for Cross

    If the money is good enough then traditions or beliefs can soon be bought. :ballchain:ballchain:ballchain Real Madrid's Removal of the Christian Cross Symptomatic of New Business Order | Bleacher Report
  19. bickern

    $10 cash payment free

    If you drank red bull in the last 12 years, and you didn't automatically grow wings, then you'll be entitled to a small piece of a hefty settlement the company has agreed to pay for false advertising. Energy drink Red Bull GmbH settled two class-action lawsuits this week, agreeing to pay...
  20. H

    taking cash

    Is taking cash a bad idea? I was thinking of takong £800 in sterling cash to change up in turkey is this the best way to get a high exchange rate?
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