1. IbrahimAbi

    Mobile use in cars

    Now this is good news to me. lets hope that Turkey takes this one on. it could generate some income too. New South Wales rolled out mobile phone detection cameras on Sunday, hoping to cut the number of fatalities on its roads by a third over two years, transport authorities said...
  2. IbrahimAbi


    On the Brexit thread we have recently written about Aston Martin and cars. I do not want to hijack the thread. I have been looking at electric cars with the possibility of buying one if the infracstructure in Turkey evr takes of. I personally belive that the only way it will is if there is a...
  3. B

    Cars on Altinkum front

    I've been looking at the webcam for Altinkum sea front. Didim Alt?nkum 1 canl? mobese izle kamera | Canli Mobese ?zle,Trafik ?ehir Kamera Why on earth are cars allowed to constantly drive up and down the front as though its a major road? I get delivery vehicles but others? No wonder the paving...
  4. S

    Turkey to outlaw smoking in private cars

    Smoking of drivers in private vehicles to be illegal in Turkey - HEALTH
  5. altinkum kev

    Cars wanted.

    Wanted UK or any foreign registered cars and Vans that have to be removed from Turkey, cash paid anything considered. PM me.
  6. S

    SEAT Cars- how bad are they

    Right no sniggering at the back I am thinking of buying a new car in Valencia and unsurprisingly SEAT have excellent offers. I know they have been barely above LADA when it comes to jokes dire experiences and general ridicule but has anyone any relatively recent experience of SEAT ownership...
  7. christella

    new tax on cars in england

    As before, the changes clearly incentivise the purchase of zero-emission cars, such as the all-electric Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe, and hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai. All these will continue to pay zero road tax throughout their life. However, at the same time, the changes will result in some...
  8. K

    rhd cars

    Hi every one another question for those in the know,with the new 1year RP does anyone know has the visa law changed for RHD cars,as before I had a 5yr visa and it is /was valid until 2016 but my 2yr car visa runs out in June 2015 and the previous RP visa was taken into account are they allowing...
  9. R

    Modifications to Cars.

    Im a petrol/gear head. Depending what side of pond you are from. Would love to have some kind of toy while I am here. Would hate to purchase a vehicle with mods or modify it myself and find out I cant get it inspected. All I know is everyone has window tinting but it will not pass inspection...
  10. O

    Lease Hire Cars

    My friend has asked me if anyone knows where we can find out more information about this in Turkey. Thanks in advance.
  11. yalimart

    Political Cars

    A little bit more profiling - does it fit you ? Drivers' political hues revealed - BT Our last 2 cars were both Audis. Martin
  12. I

    Car tyres

    Hi, I would be very grateful if anyone has any knowledge regarding tyres.Can you buy secondhand tyres in Turkey? Also where to find secondhand tyre fitters in Canakkale/Turkey many thanks
  13. bickern

    Driverless Cars 'On UK Roads By January'

    Experts fear Britain will fall behind the US, Japan and Germany if unmanned vehicle tests do not start next year, as expected. The government is today announcing plans to put driverless cars on public roads as early as January 2015. The British Army already uses autonomous vehicles, supplied...
  14. D

    Foreign cars in

    İ am a permanment resident with a pension in the Uk and permitted to own and keep a car here in Turkey on a permanment basis....i m not a citizen.....i have my eye on a couple of cars in my neighbour hood which are on the market with foreign number plates. One is Norwegian and the other...
  15. giglets

    Smoking in Cars with Kids

    MPs have backed calls for a ban on smoking in cars in England and Wales when children are passengers. They voted in favour of a Labour-supported amendment to the Children and Families Bill by a majority of 269. This will give Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt the power to bring in a ban in England...
  16. M

    Hire Cars

    Hello Folks, wondering if anybody has experience of picking a hire car up at Antalya airport and dropping it off at a later date at Dalaman airport. We have some friends who want to explore Turkey next year. Any contact details would be much appreciated.
  17. P

    Does anyone know about old cars?

    Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place but I was unsure where to ask. A friend of mine, here in Bodrum has hired an old Mercedes (1969 i think) for a wedding and a warning light has come on. It is red and has "LK" on it in black. I have scoured the internet without luck so far. I...
  18. Yalides

    Europe cars

    Anyone using this company whilst booking flights through Easyjet then beware they don`t add an extra insurance that you don`t need or want. They did it to us last but one trip back to the UK and several other people who collected cars at the same time as us. Shows that even the biggest aren`t...
  19. B

    Toy Cars??????

    BBC News - Four 'planned to bomb Territorial Army base' with toy car We had toy cars as kids, but to use as bombs??? That use never entered our heads. Bill.
  20. D

    Help me understand the regulations about cars!

    My favourite İ keep looking at the classifieds here in turkey connected to Yabanci to yabanci or blue plated cars and foreign cars that are here. First question, how can a car that can only be sold yab/yab be the same price as a normal Turkish car?--also the blue plates the...
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