1. juco

    Airlines carry extra fuel.

    How far do we take all this ? Are cars going to be targeted next whereby we should never fill the tank completely and only have sufficient for a daily journey.
  2. S

    Wonder was the carry out called The Wan King

    I mean a really good chow mein gets my motor running too but there's limits!!!!!
  3. Jaycey

    Why I always carry a camera

  4. B

    Failed to carry out checks.

    BBC News - Killer Nicola Edgington: Officers 'failed to carry out checks' How many more people,such as this woman,are wandering our streets because, "somebody didn't carry out the proper checks". Or will "lessons be learned". Bill.
  5. tykatem

    EU votes that National Sports Shirts to carry EU flag.

    The EUSSR have voted that all EU nations national teams should wear the EU flag on their sports shirts. Although it is allegedly voluntary whats the betting we will end up doing it. Considering the current state of the Euro zone finances, perhaps the EUSSR anthem should be changed to "Brother...
  6. perfect1949

    ok who want's me to carry on taking photo's

    so tell me yes or no . dave
  7. S

    laptop and carry case

    hi everyone, hopeyou are all ok, and enjoying the lovely weather, i have a packard bell laptop for sale if anyone is interesred or knows someone that is, it comes with the carry case which i paid over 1 hundred pounds for on it's own, i am asking 700 lira or nearest offer, as i said this...
  8. bickern

    Carry on Screaming

    One of my favorite movies, you can watch the full movie. YouTube - Carry on Screaming Rare chance to see Harry H Corbett in a different role *** Gerald Thomas's AWESOME HORROR COMEDY *** The sinister Dr Watt has an evil scheme going. He is kidnapping beautiful young women and turning them...
  9. Squeaky

    A Woman's Right and Obligation to Carry her Husband's Name

    Good morning: Should a woman be forced on marriage to adopt the surname of her husband? Sırma Oya Tekvar Geray opened a case in order to abolish her husband's surname and bear her maiden name only. The court dropped procedures in the first hearing. "No one can object to carrying her husband's...
  10. altinkum kev

    cash and carry new stock

    Just been in today for my lard and noticed they have started to stock Paxo stuffing , bisto granules all flavours,Robinson's jam and mincemeat ready made custard,and more choices of curry paste.
  11. P

    IATA Approved Dog Carry Box Wanted

    Hello We need an IATA approved dog carry box to transport our golden retriever from Turkey back to the UK. Does anybody have one they are looking to sell? The measurements we need are d102x w69 x h76 or as close to that as possible?? Thanks very much
  12. shirleyanntr

    How to carry on a conversation without saying much

    Many times people tell me that after they learn a few words or a phrase and use it they then get a reply they dont understand.Panic sets in and the conversation dries up. Well thats happened to me too..still does at times. Over the years İ learnt some sly techniques for dealing with it.:p...
  13. KKOB

    Do I need To Carry a Neck Brace ?

    No doubt some members have already been told you have to carry a neck brace as part of your first aid kit. WRONG. In the FAQ file at the testing station in Fethiye it sets the regulations out in detail. The only vehicles that must carry neck braces are those licensed to take passengers...
  14. merlin

    Turkey to Carry Egyptian Gas to Europe....

    The first step to make Turkey an energy corridor in North-South line has been taken. The pipeline coming from Cairo will enter Turkey from Kilis (a southern province in Turkey) and the Egyptian natural gas will be carried to Europe via Turkey. Merv!
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