1. S

    Dog Carrier Wanted

    Is there anyone who'll be flying their dog over from the UK between now and the beginning of May who might be interested in selling the crate? I am looking for a carrier to fly a MEDIUM SIZE dog (think it's also called a Number 6 carrier) back to London. I'm in Dalyan, but willing to travel...
  2. bickern

    US squadrons 'may use UK carrier'

    I should have put this in the joke section really except I didn't feel like laughing. BBC News - US squadrons 'may use UK carrier' for operations The US are highly delighted with the Harriers we flogged to them on the cheap!!!!! I wonder why?
  3. paddington bear

    Airline dog carrier wanted

    Does anyone, in the Side, area have a dog carrier for sale, this needs to be extra large - 120 cm long, 80 cm wide and 87.5 cm high. Suitable for an airline. This is for a kangal mix which I was feeding on the street this summer and has been adopted by a wonderful Norweigan family and Daisy...
  4. bickern

    Royal Navy will get second aircraft carrier

    The Royal Navy’s second new aircraft carrier is to be brought into service instead of being sold off. The unexpected announcement about the 65,000-ton HMS Prince Of Wales was made at the Nato summit in Wales. The Queen launched the first of the two new vessels, HMS Queen Elizabeth, in July...
  5. bickern

    Shoppers in England ‘to be made’ to pay 5p for plastic carrier bags

    English shoppers will soon need to pay 5p for every plastic bag they use in supermarkets and other large stores, it will be announced. Nick Clegg is set to make the announcement at the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow, bringing England in line with the rest of the UK. Wales and Northern...
  6. ted j

    New people carrier

    As you may know, Renault and the lithuanian car maker F'uhsake, have joined forces and created the worlds first 33 seater people carrier Ladies and Gentlemen please behold "The Itchyarsey space cruiser" ( Available in Black, black, err black)
  7. pepperkat

    Seniors are the leading carrier of AIDS

    Hearing Aids, Band Aids, Walking Aids, Medical Aids, Government Aids I cannot see.................................... I cannot pee I cannot chew....................................I caanot screw My memory shrinks..............................My memory stinks No sense os...
  8. CJD

    Not so humble Carrier bag

    30 Creative Bag Advertisements | Bored Panda made me smile :)
  9. S

    !Wanted! : Dog carrier boxes

    After 6 years of living in Bodrum I am moving away from turkey and am looking to purchase 'second hand' airplane-legal transport boxes for my two dogs (25-30kg) to fly them back home to Europe. Who can help me out with one or two of such boxes in an affordable pricerange?? They don't need to be...
  10. gra

    people carrier north cyprus

    Hi all We are going to north cyprus from Antalya at the end of march for 3 days, there are 7 adults and we would like to hire a people carrier, are there any members who live in the north that could recommend a hire company, thanks. Gra
  11. E

    Turkcell to be second iPhone 3G carrier in Turkey

    Turkcell, the largest GSM provider in Turkey, has announced that it will finally be offering the iPhone 3G later this year. No official release date has been published yet, but the carrier seems unlikely to join the second phase of the iPhone 3G rollout, as there are only four days left until...
  12. Spike

    Cat carrier

    Hi everyone, We're going to be moving to Turkey in a few weeks and intend to bring our cat with us. We're thinking of taking the cat in the cabin with us, rather than in the cargo hold, but all the airlines (at least Tarom and Turkish with whom we're flying) say if you do this, the...
  13. J

    Buying a people carrier in the Dalaman Area

    Hi,we have recently bought a house in the Attaya mountains north of dalaman,we want to buy a car in turkey,anybody know of good dealers in the area.Also how much less can u expect to pay than their quoted price.jim and carolyn
  14. J

    Skype signs-up first mobile carrier

    Skype, the Internet telephony software firm, has signed its first agreement with a mobile telecoms operator, taking its low-cost services beyond the desktop and on the road. Skype will next month deliver flat-rate services to E-Plus, Germany's third largest mobile operator - E-Plus has 9.8...
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