1. S


    Does anyone Know if the new Carrefour is open on Kermer High Street
  2. S


    Hi all, Were back out in side in a couple of weeks , was wondering is the carrefour up and running and is it any good? also is the shopping Mall up and running.... also noticed that they were re doing the roads and putting pavements in etc... is all the streets gonna get done or just some...
  3. L

    Carrefour in Koz

    Carrefour in Kos Has anyone been in to Carrefour in Kos ? was wondering what sort of things you could buy in there and whether it is worth a visit whilst over there from Turkey? Thankyou
  4. H

    Tansas and Carrefour in Altinkum

    Hi all I've been emailed properties for sale around the Tansas and Carrefour supermarket areas of Altinkum, which I think are on the Boulevard (someone correct me if I'm wrong!) Does anyone live there or know anything about these areas (Tansas in particular)? I'd be happy to hear all views -...
  5. Smiler_Belfast

    Is the Carrefour store like Spain

    If we go self catering is the Carrefour store similar to those in Spain, does it stock the usual euro products and a selection of items similar to the the usual British equivilants? Sorry if thats a nieve question but it will be our first time in Turkey. :fear: Smiler
  6. matty


    Carrefour now open in Gocek! Not a very big store but good selection inside, Also good cake selection!!!
  7. Angela Stansfield

    Carrefour - Never again!!!!!

    I dont normally frequent Carrefour, but as I had to drop something at an office nearby, I decided to do my shopping there. On getting home, I was really looking forward to making Sunday lunch, only to find that the large joint of lamb I had bought was 'off'. It was wrapped in cling film and...
  8. Mushtaq

    Carrefour and Migros not going ahead??

    LONDON - Europe's largest retailer, Carrefour, has had to think twice about a major acquisition in the fast growing Turkish market, signaling challenging times for even the sector's heavyweights. Carrefour and its Turkish partner Sabanci have decided against bidding for a 51.0% stake in Migros...
  9. Marc

    Dia (carrefour) comes to Akbuk May 25th

    Hi, I had mentioned there was rumours going around about a Carrefour express coming to Akbuk, well passed today and they are fitting out the shop with coldstores and veg racks etc.. I stopped to ask the guys fitting it out and they said it was a Dia store which from my experience is a little...
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