1. T

    Carpets & Curtains for Sale - Çalis Area

    GOOD QUALITY CARPETS NEWLY CLEANED AND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION: Beautiful thick lounge carpet, beige with red/maroon border approx. 2 mtrs x 2.5 mtrs. Cost 450 TL asking 150 TL ono (it's shown in the lounge photo) Runner in beige with red pattern 80 cm wide x approx. 2.5 mtrs...
  2. alison09400

    Cheap Carpets!

    I know that some people with tiled floors like to cover them with carpets during the winter to make their homes for anyone looking carpets at the minute, the shop directly facing the doors of the Court House are selling them at 1/3 of the retail price. :gossip: I got 2 lovely rugs...
  3. Yalides

    Balcony curtains and carpets

    Just spent 3500.00TL on curtains and carpets. Could have stayed with bare tiles IMO. Oh well, only money, can,t take it with you......
  4. M

    Carpets and Accessories

    These carpets were bought end of last year so are in very very good condition being kept rolled till now. 3 carpets, 2 small matching beaded cushions, 4 matching wall hangings and a narrow bed covering beaded to match cushions - I would like £150 ono please for the lot - located Akbuk mobile...
  5. pineapple1

    The Magic Carpets

    I've put this in History because some carpets go back to the 16th century ...Even though i was in this buisness over 40yrs i still have to look at them , And i think how many hours of work went into them . With several members of the family making 1 carpet , Even the Children , Some carpets tell...
  6. V

    moldovan carpets

    Who could help me with buying moldovan carpets in turkey. I know an address, but they must be available cheaper. don't hesitate to ask me any questions Jeroen
  7. S


    I will be visiting my villa in Yalikavak shortly and although we have completed the majority of the furnishing they are still a few things to get. The main items are carpets and, with the exception of one stall in the Wednesday market in Yalikavak, I can't recall seeing any carpet shops . Can...
  8. R

    Carpets To Turkey

    Hi Everyone, We have just moved house here in the UK and have a couple of nice rugs that are surplus to requirements. The rugs would look great in our new place in Dalaman, we had thought about wrapping them in plastic and taking them as 'excess baggage'. Do you think they would let us through...
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