1. Camden

    Fethiye Carpet Weaving Workshop opened

    The Rock Carpet Weaving Workshop, which was completed in cooperation with Fethiye Municipality and SS Lycia Fethiye Women's Initiative, Production, Business and Development Cooperative, was put into service. The exhibition featuring 23 Rock Carpets and many Fethiye rugs will be open until 24...
  2. B

    Carpet tiles

    Anybody out there ever seen any? with winter coming I thought carpet tiles in the bedrooms would be a good idea. though living here for a good few years I have never seen any. I could laminate easy enough but I thought tiles would be warmer,:27br:
  3. pembelu

    merinos quality like new 2 tone shaggy purple carpet

    clean ready to use, merinos brand med sz carpet. 150tl koycegiz collection pls msj for more pics or info
  4. I

    Shipping carpet to UK

    Has anyone independently shipped a large carpet to the UK? Advice needed on how to go about this safely please. T.I.A.
  5. A

    Carpet Cleaning in Side

    Does anybody know where I could phone in Side to pick up a carpet and have it cleaned please? And approximate cost for this and timing? Thank you.
  6. RedBloodedHound

    Carpet for sale.

    Carpet for sale; not magic. Tee He. BBC News - 'In dog we trust' misprint on US sheriff's office rug
  7. merpip

    Carpet cleaner

    Anyone know a shop in Didim or Altinkum where we can get a carpet cleaned please ?
  8. merpip

    Carpet cleaner Didim

    Can any one please tell me if there is a shop in Didim/Altinkum where we can take a carpet to be cleaned ?
  9. J

    Carpet Cleaning

    Hi, Does anyone know of the best, and cheapest carpet cleaning in dalaman, and give directions. Thanks Jules.
  10. beyazbayan

    Carpet Cleaning

    Just got the living room carpet back from the cleaners and it looks like new. Great job and they collect and delivery. Halı koltuk yikama 0242 5181150 or 05313576522. Highly recommended. While were on about services the Pork and Deli have pork ribs, chops and joints in for christmas.
  11. J


    Hi I am new to this forum and hoping someone can help me. Is there a shop in Fethiye that sells carpet, not rugs? I would like a peice of carpet for my flat floor, larger than a rug. Thanks Jane
  12. tallulah

    Carpet shop.

    Can anyone tell me if the carpet shop..I believe it was called Morgenland carpet world is still open for business? I bought a carpet from there some years ago .... Still as good as new :) I can't seem to find an active website for them. The street was Iskele cad or something like that.
  13. M

    Carpet for sale

    Lovely Emporio 160 x 235 cream carpet in imaculate condition. I paid 370 lira for this last year and now seeing that we dont live here any more it never get put down, shame. It has a soft feel to it and on the label it says Angora Carpets, I would like £50 - we are in Akbuk. xx mo
  14. C

    Carpet wash

    Hi All, there was a carpet wash place on Atiturk in Mahmutlar who we found good, but he has moved just wondered if anybody knew where to ?? or anybody got a phone number?? I had but can't find it!!! Typical of me its somewhere safe!!!! Thanks :yipee:
  15. M

    Carpet Cleaning

    Had one of our carpets washed, it has taken 2 days and looks like new, can thoroughly recommend the washing place by Universal Hospital Bodrum, it does car valeting as well, not tried that but need sunglasses on to look at our lovely clean carpet, taking the others tomorrow.
  16. V

    moldovan carpets

    Who could help me with buying moldovan carpets in turkey. I know an address, but they must be available cheaper. don't hesitate to ask me any questions Jeroen
  17. V

    Carpet shop harbour Datca

    Who can help me with the emailaddress or website from: * The new big carpet shop in the harbour of Datca * The carpet shop in Datca from "stella" Your help will be mich appriciated Thanks Jeroen
  18. butt007

    Carpet Cleaning

    After the winter 2007/2008 I had our one and only carpet cleaned, it measured 2mts by 1.25mts, they took it away and brought it back 8 days later and charged 30lira which I thought was rather a lot. We got 5 more carpets last November to keep our little tootsies warm! and decided when we...
  19. B

    carpet cleaning

    Hi i need some rugs cleaned has enybody got a number for them to be picked up thats in altinkum sandra ps they will need to speak english
  20. J

    Getting carpet transported to England, help needed

    Hi eveyone, still enjoying our long stay here in Dalyan. Need some advice, we bought a loverly carpet in Marmaris and against our better judgement decided to bring it back to Dalyan and transport to England from here. Have not made any enquiries yet thought would start here, i await your expert...
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