1. S

    Diets-always read carefully!!!!

    Man's ridiculous interpretation of the 'Special K' diet see him eating 8000 calories a day
  2. Carolyn

    A Cautionary Tale (check your change carefully!)

    I just want to warn folks to be careful if they use a particular money changer in Fethiye. He operates from his clothes shop on the opposite side of the road to Gima and a little further down towards the harbour and has the rates on display on a board outside the shop. On the face of it he...
  3. tykatem

    Listen carefully

    Little Johnny watched his Daddy's car pass by the school playground and go into the woods. Curious, he followed the car, and saw Daddy and Aunt Diana in a passionate embrace. Little Johnny found this so exciting that he could barely contain himself as he ran home and started to tell his...
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