1. S

    Be careful what you text As the judge has ruled that we should not take any meaning out of how women end their text messages it makes me feel a lot better now when I read my texts from the big girl which invariably...
  2. Kingfisher

    Be careful what you write

    On Facebook or forums, please be wary and what you write, share or like. Cumhurba?kan?na Hakaretten Tutukland?
  3. juco

    Be careful where you put your money!

    OK this for America, but remember what happened in Cyprus! They were trying to push through similiar for the EU but not sure if it happened or not. New Banking Rules Will Devastate Depositors As Your Money Becomes Theirs In The Next Crisis - Patriot Rising
  4. Sunny Seasider

    Careful, It's that time of year!

    I am about to enter, what is for most of us, one of the busiest months of the year and, already started losing/misplacing things. On Monday I lost my full set of Home/Office Keys, hadn't realised until yesterday morning when I come to let our Monty out, as Larry had locked up the night before...
  5. S

    be careful when you get your tackle out!

    apparently on the news tonight said that fishing rod licenses are going up to 100tl.
  6. A89

    A2B transfer Alanya - careful!

    If anyone has transfers booked with A2B in Alanya be careful because someone i know and met up by chance with in Antalya airport had been booked with A2B to go from Alanya to the airport and they didnt turn up. She had called them a few days before to confirm that it was Thursday night not...
  7. H

    was it a scam or was i being too careful?

    Today i went to migros on the beach road. When i came out i went to my car and put my shopping in the back seat. I noticed 2 turkish women watching me from outside the shop. when i got into my car the older one came over, i rolled down my window and she said something in turkish, My turkish not...
  8. S

    Rip off Monarch ailines!!!!!Be careful

    Today my son went on line to put his passport details on for his flight to find he had inadvertently enter his girl friends surname the same as his on his booking form. He needed to change the surname to the correct surname. £100 charge to do this!!!!!!! He phoned and spoke to a supervisor and...
  9. D

    Be Careful Everyone....We were burgled on Wednesday night

    No point droaning on about it but we were whilst out having a meal in the evening and it was awful coming back to an upside down place with our stuff stolen so be careful they are watching. In retrospect we became complacent and didnt lock every additional security window lock when we went out...
  10. T

    Be careful which 'freedom fighters' you help!!!

    Yet another classic case of not everything being as it seems when you decide to get involved in these wretched affairs....... British War Heroes' Graves Desecrated In Libya - Yahoo!
  11. escapee

    Ladies in Side please be careful

    Just want to warn all the ladies in Side to be careful walkıng around alone. My friend has just been attacked whilst walking in to Side from Kemer. İt happened around 9pm along the stretch of road between the big flag and Hamsikoy. The guy grabbed her by the throat as she was walkıng passed him...
  12. F

    Please be careful #1

    Please be careful #1 This post is because a previous client "Sharon" has just come up on my Skype and the message was: is this you on pic? http://phi*****.net/id.php (the stars read 5-img) Sharon is having to "clean" all of her computer as this is some sort of spam. So avoid opening...
  13. gerald

    Careful what you do at work...

    Guy in the middle, about half way through, has an interesting few moments:jaw: YouTube - Worker looking at nude photos in background (Miranda Kerr) - Seven News Update
  14. Neil_Denizli

    Be Seriously Careful What You Write...

    Man Arrested for Comment on Twitter ... Man arrested after Twitter joke about bombing airport under Terrorism Act | Mail Online unbelievable
  15. Gamuret

    Be careful how you recycle your plastic

    This extract from today's newsletter from the Health Services Institute gives considerable cause for thought. I have never really thought about it before but I certainly shall do now. "The massive, deep currents of the oceans create five gigantic permanent whirlpools. Two in the north and...
  16. peter the postie

    Careful what you wish for :)

    Remember the vandal that got what was coming to him when kicking in the concrete fence? .. Well this teenage yob has a similar fate :) YouTube - Yob smacked!
  17. KKOB

    Thugs Decked By "Transvestites"

    Two drunken thugs have learnt a lesson after the pair of cross-dressing men they attacked turned out to be cage fighters in fancy dress. Yobs Floored By Cage Fighters In Drag - Yahoo! News UK
  18. ceemac

    Man Dies After Bee Swarms Attack In Turkey

    A man has died and more than 20 people have been taken to hospital after a huge swarm of bees escaped from a crashed van on a Turkish motorway. Here C
  19. KKOB

    Be Careful What You Feed Your Pets

    Whilst natural foods are always regarded as best, be careful that you're not accidently poisoning your pets. Beware of Toxic Foods
  20. G

    Be careful - pick pockets around

    Please be careful when you are at the Saturday market Turgutreis as there were quite a few people who had their pockets picked Saturday just gone. Some got their wallets back with the cash missing so at least they got their cards back. I am not the most careful with my purse but I will take...
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