1. IbrahimAbi

    Career flushed down the pan

    The International Chess Federation says it has suspended a player at a tournament in France after the man was “caught red-handed using his phone during a game”.
  2. S

    Shortest career????

    Amongst many other wacky adventures these past months I wish to lay claim to the shortest ever tv career I got a job with Sky tv ( call centre crap)at 1740 two Wednesdays ago and resigned at 1850 the same evening Anyone got a shorter career?
  3. L

    Moving to & working in Izmir?

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking of starting over, moving somewhere new, asap! I live in a country close by, Jordan. I am a 27 year old female, I want to start my life over, I think Turkey would be a good safe choice since its close by home. Ofcourse, I want to find a job BEFORE I go there, if...
  4. U

    How to find a job in Turkey?

    Hi, I'm looking to get a job in I.T. in Turkey in/near one of the big cities. I'm from the UK and speak some Turkish already. I'm told, though, that there are openings to be found for English or French speakers. Sounds a bit too good to be true really. Can anyone give advice or know somebody...
  5. M

    Like Lauren Booth, why many British career women converting to Islam

    Read this in the Daily Mail today, sorry I do not know how to post it on the forum but wondered what women in general think about it. Can somebody tell me how to link it or do if for me. Although I respect it is up to them to change their faith I still dont understand their reasons why. Tony...
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