1. Freedom 49

    Hand-Made Christmas Crackers & Cards.

    I was first asked for Christams Cards when Turkey was open for tourists early September. It was lovely to see those people back. They're a British couple that normally visit 3 times a year, choosing Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby Cards etc on their 1st 2 visits but always taking Christmas Cards...
  2. Freedom 49

    Christmas Crackers and Cards

    It's that time of the year again and Sally's Hand-Made Christmas Cards and Crackers are already selling well from the office here. Anyone passing by is welcome to come in and have a look. Sally's also made D.I.Y. Christmas Cracker Kits this year for you to put your own Crackers together should...
  3. immac

    TR Lottery Scratch Cards

    Is there a site that shows which scratch cards are sold in Turkey, prizes and how they are played? Ian
  4. Freedom 49

    Christmas Cards & Christmas Crackers.

    I was first asked for Christmas Cards this year, back in August. I said, "Woah! Please let me get well into September before I start having to think about Christmas". Well, over the last 5 weeks or so, our holiday visitors and people living around Side have been choosing their Christmas Cards...
  5. Kingfisher

    August 17 changes to bank cards

    The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency is closing all debit and credit cards issued in Turkey to e-commerce and international transactions beginning on August 17, 2017. The new law applies to both existing debit and credit cards which will be closed to e-commerce and international...
  6. K

    Warning; Pre-paid Bank/Credit cards

    We have both used a pre-loaded card for at least 4 years in Turkey. These cards look like a credit card; they carry the Mastercard symbol; they have the same consumer protection as an ordinary credit card. The only difference is no name, and the numbers are not embossed like a bank card. We use...
  7. paddington bear

    Swopping sim cards

    I have 2 mobile phones both bought in Turkey. One is a Samsung Galaxy 4 and the other a Samsung Neo. Is it possible to swop the sim cards from one phone to another please? I don't want to do this in case I knacker the phones up. I am pretty useless when it comes to phones. Sue
  8. Gamuret

    8TL Phone cards

    Does anybody know where these phone cards are available in Fethiye please? I believe that that they are scratch cards, but I cannot ascertain the name of the issuer or where they can be purchased. Many thanks.
  9. suzyq

    New Turkish ID Cards

    There is a photo of the new ID contained within the article. Turkey has passed a new law to introduce a new version of identity cards for its citizens, as part of steps toward becoming a European Union member state. The new version of the Turkish national identity card will include a chip...
  10. V

    Xmas cards for soldiers

    Anyone thinking of acting on a Facebook request to send anonymous recovering soldiers a Christmas card to a Birmingham hospital have been asked NOT to as there is no such scheme in operation and the sheer volume of cards is stopping vital mail for patients and staff getting through. The hoax...
  11. K

    UK bank cards

    Any one else having problems drawing out £,s "sterling" from the Atm's around Didim and Altinky,I use Teb and Ak Bank,Teb no longer hold sterling in their Atm,(Paris Bnp are up the creek without a paddle and seeking a bailout)I have tried Hsbc Deniz Is banks but it comes up this bank is unable...
  12. C

    water cards top up

    Hi everyone hope you all are well, does anybody know if you can now top your water card up at Mahmutlar belediye yet ?? thank you
  13. L

    Topping up water cards

    Hi everyone, I believe you have now got to go to Alanya to top up water cards, somebody told me it was at the Belediye near Atiturk statue, and also I have been told to go to the street where The Polce station is can anybody please give me the proper place to go before I run out !!! would soon...
  14. newhorizon

    Airline partners and Frequent Flyer Loyalty Cards

    Does anyone else wonder why all major airlines don't group together in one loyalty scheme? I like flying with Turkish airlines so joined their MilesandSmiles Loyalty scheme, but they don't fly to some destinations I go. I fly Emirates often and collect miles on their Skywards program. But...
  15. perfect1949

    there might be an upset on the cards

    at the moment Brentford 2 Chelsea 1 after 75 mins . dave
  16. N

    Christmas cards

    This year I am not going to send Christmas cards and instead donate the money to a Turkish animal charity. I hope those of you that did, in the past, receive a card from us are not offended but I just think the street animals would appreciate the money going towards a new bed, medication or...
  17. gerald

    5 free Xmas cards

    personalised and delivered free, just follow instructions: Five free Touchnote Christmas cards for every reader - RRP £7.45 | Mail Online :49::49:
  18. C

    SIM cards

    Hi I would like to use my phone while on holiday. Can I bring my phone over and buy a SIM card and use it to get on the Internet thanks :yipee:
  19. C

    SIM cards

    Hi , can I bring my mobile phone buy a SIM card in Turkey and use it to get on the Internet if so how much will it cost thanks
  20. A

    Christmas cards

    Hi I will be coming out to altinkum early october and i am bringing out a selection of christmas cards out with me, so if any expats interested in purchasing some from me let me know. i will have a varied selection and i can post them out for you back in the uk.
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