1. Philogic

    Thomas Cook, Cardiff to Antalya

    Last week I could get a flight from Cardiff to Antalya in June for around £150. Today there are no flights available from Cardiff to Antalya for the entire season.Why do TC make it so difficult to ask a question? How do I get the timetables? Does anyone from TC read this forum? Does anyone have...
  2. Spurs

    Cardiff Mosque

    I suppose all of us have watched or listened to someone come out with a remark that’s a show stopper. Not always does it relate to bad news, likewise its not always a politician or celebrity who says it or is involved. This morning there was a piece on the news from Cardiff, all about the lads...
  3. Philogic

    Cardiff Airport/Antalya

    Have been told [by a member of the Wales Air Network Group] that Thomas Cook will not be flying to Antalya from Cardiff Airport next year. Thomson will be continuing to do so. Expect massive price hikes from the already expensive Thomsonfly.
  4. shirleyanntr

    for sale cheap two returns antalya cardiff

    due to change in circs a friend of mine has two return flights antalya cardiff return for 150quid ono going out july 29 and back 27th august
  5. Philogic

    Thomas Cook Cardiff Flight.

    Was anyone here on the Cardiff to Antalya flight TCX 781 which was badly delayed for more than 12 hours,[28th September] obviously the return leg was also delayed. I would like to know what happened, did they put you into hotels, feed and water you etc. in Turkey and Cardiff.
  6. Philogic

    Cardiff to Antalya

    Hi all, looking ahead to 2010 I see flythomascook has moved its Sunday flight to Tuesday. But, Thomson has added a flight from Cardiff also on the Tuesday. So we now have two choices from Cardiff and I think three from Bristol. Things are looking up for us in Wales and the West. Probably the...
  7. J

    Flight for sale - Cardiff to Bodrum 25/7

    Due to being messed about by a friend of one of my children I have 1 spare flight out of 6 originally booked. Its Cardiff to Bodrum going out on 25th July returning on 8th August with Thomas Cook. Flight cost was £306 and TC charge £40 to change the name. Sensible offers considered. PM me or...
  8. Philogic

    New service from Cardiff

    Hi all Today I booked 10thMay/24thMay with flythomascook from Cardiff to Antalya [a new service this year] £172 each which is great for us as we can get to the airport for nothing [concessionary travel] I tried all the discount codes but none worked:( they may have updated them. regards Phil...
  9. Philogic

    Thomas Cook from Cardiff

    Surfing the travel sites Travel Republic/ Flightline etc, I see that TC is flying from Cardiff to Antalya starting May 3rd although they havn't got it on their own site yet :confused: I hope the info is correct as flights from Cardiff will be very useful to me! Phil
  10. N

    Cardiff Airport

    Hi, has anyone flown from Cardiff Airport, if so can you tell me if there is a chemist shop after you have had your hand luggage checked please.
  11. Marc

    Help! Cardiff - Bodrum 2nd Aug 2008

    Hi, Is there anyone on the forum that will be travelling out from Cardiff OHY2474 on 2nd August this year? many thanks Marc
  12. Philogic

    New Flights from Cardiff

    Hi all, just found out there are flights to Antalya from Cardiff in July [all gone I think] and August, expensive but convenient. These flights are sold through Goldtrail and operated by Onurair [both slightly dodgy?] Cardiff Airport is only 20 minutes away but I've already booked from Bristol...
  13. C

    Cheap flight to Cardiff wanted

    Hi Please can anyone help. I'm travelling to Cardiff from Bodrum the end of this month or beginning of October. Can anybody give me some advise on where to find a cheap flight? Thanks best wishes Chris
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