1. S

    Best Monthly Sim Card Turkey

    Due to go out to Turkey soon and pondering re what to do as regards a sim card. I usually use my Vodafone UK data and minutes whilst in Turkey but I am out of contract here in the UK. So was just wonndering whether I should take out a Vodafone UK contract before I leave ( as I can then use the...

    Transferwise debit card

    Transferwise have been pushing their Debit card alot recently. Has anyone got one, and if so are there any pro or cons you wish to share. Cheers.
  3. Tenpin

    Greggs Black Card

    Stormzy has become the first person to receive a Greggs “Concierge” card, a black card that entitles the rapper to a “next level VIP” service. Greggs is...
  4. T

    Paying for rp card in ziraat bank

    Hello, Did anybody pay for rp card fee inside ziraat or other banks? I want to know which code we should use? The bank does not know exactly. In this website I saw 9192 which is the code that I think we should pay...
  5. T

    Credit card debit in dollar

    Hello, I have a question regarding credit card. Does anybody here use creditcard (Turkish bank)? I actually use it in Turkish tl, however now for applying universities or registering some exams I need to pay in dollar or euro or .... I want to know if I change my bill to the (yabanci ekstre)...
  6. S

    how to buy from aliexpress , banggood with turkish visa card

    hi every one i donot know this is the right place to write this post but i need help how to buy from aliexpress , banggood with turkish visa card? which is the scheme telephone num that i must enterd in these web site ? +90 541678**** or 0090 541678**** thank u for your answers
  7. A89

    how do Denizbank know I have a new Sim Card?

    I just trıed to log on to my internet banking. Got a message saying my account was blocked because I had a new Sim Card! How the hell do they get that information? I called the call centre and he said its normal we will know if you changed your number. I havent changed my number. He said well...
  8. G

    best PAYG sim card?

    Hi as I visit Turkey about 5 times a year, which is the best value pay as you go sim card, I am currently with Turkcel, but it eats my credit in no time!
  9. D

    Does a Turkcell SIM card get deactivated?

    I've been using a work phone for the last few years, but have to give it back as I've been made redundant. I've got a SIM card which is registered but I haven't used it for a long time. I've put it in a phone and the phone says "emergency calls only". Does anyone know if there's a way of...
  10. Graham7

    New HSBC Current account card sent to UK

    Trying to get a HSBC Current account card sent to UK. HSBC did phone me and said they were having trouble sending cards to the UK. As any one else had this trouble ? How long do you think it will take them to sort out or how long should I give them, thank for any answers.
  11. T

    Credit card application

    Hello, Does anybody have info about credit card in Turkey? I have a monthly income in Turkey legally which is paid to a branch of ziraat in ankara. However, I live in istanbul now. Could I apply for the credit card in a branch inside istanbul or I should go to ankara? 6 months ago the branch...
  12. S

    Visa card outage across Europe

    Visa payment disruption hits Europe - BBC News
  13. E

    Anybody up for card and board games?

    Hi everybody, we opened up a facebookgroup for people who enjoy meeting up for playing once a week. You`ll find it under Alanya Fun & Games. Here is the introduction. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or there. Alanya Fun & Games About us: We are an international...
  14. S

    data sim card

    Hello all, Please can anyone tell us the cheapest place to buy a data sim card, Avea or Turkcel. thank you.
  15. gally

    Online shopping by card

    Hi can anyone help with info on using your turkish debit card to purchase online. Apparently you now have to give permission to your bank to use the card for online shopping. I'm in UK trying to book car rental in Turkey on my turkish card but it gets declined. I've emailed my bank (HSBC) and...
  16. juco

    bank card readers for online banking. UK

    Haven't tested it but apparently you can use any bank card reader for most banks in the UK as they are all built to the same standard.
  17. T

    istanbul mavı card

    Hello could we get İstanbul mavi card student card I mean from any ıett merkezi in istanbul or we should go to genel mudurlugu ın karakoy? anyone has experıence?
  18. IbrahimAbi

    Garanti Bonus Card

    I have had one of these for years and always forget to cash in before they cancel them at the end of the year. Does anyone on here know if you can cash in your bonus points to reduce your credit card debt online? I would ask at the bank but it is a 100km round trip and I have many jobs to do at...
  19. hayabusa

    Internet WiFi Sim Card.

    I need to get a new Sim Card for my Internet at my Villa in Koycegiz. Are they Sim Cards available that are on a monthly or yearly contract, and the payment can be made by direct debit from the bank ?....... Please advise.
  20. juco

    EU travel insurance V EHIC card

    Last year with pre existing heart attack (8 years ago) it was £68 ok now aged 65 so expect a bit more, however I have since had 2 bouts of Pancreatitis, on the 2nd bout they found the cause (sludge in the billary tract which has now been extracted) and hopefully now cured. Cheapest so far is...
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