1. A

    Buying a car in Turkey

    İ wanna buy a car in Turkey and i am wondering what should i take care of while buying?
  2. hayabusa

    Driving Car with Turkish Number Plates.

    Other than Rental Car, can a non-Turkish drive a car with Turkish number plates ?.... For example, If I borrow a neighbor's car and drive this in Turkey, is this allowed ?..........
  3. Firefox

    Turkey by Car

    I am thinking of travelling by car to Turkey. My Route will take me through Albania, Bosnia and MonteNegro as I taking the Greek Route. UK car Insurance doe NOT cover these countries. Can you buy local Car insurance at theses borders??? Are any of them dangerous to drive through. Whats been...
  4. M

    Leaving car in Turkey

    Hi, I'm planning on driving to Turkey this September and have a fairly good idea about route, paperwork ....etc My question is around how we can own a car from the UK and be able to drive in Turkey even when I'm away (will be flying back and forth) My questions are: 1) I need to travel (by...
  5. hayabusa

    Owning a Car in Turkey

    What are the rules for owning a car in Turkey.....?....
  6. Jaycey

    Car Port

    A friend wants to build a carport, any suggestions? Wood? (I assume the under roof supports should be timber) Paint or natural finish for minimal maintenance? Or metal? And the best paint type again for minimal maintenance? We used an excellent paint (even over rust spots) for our balcony...
  7. cweir

    By car from uk to Bodrum

    Hi, Has anyone travelled over to Turkey in last couple of years. My sister and I plus small dog want to travel by car. The ferry route seems expensive if we had a cabin so does anyone know a good route that has few tolls by land. Also do we need international driving licences, what car paperwork...
  8. M

    Car ownership with Turkish partner

    I understand that as a foreigner my Turkish partner would be unable to drive my m plate car. I also realise that if I were to buy a car and register it in his name the car would be legally his. Does anyone know if it’s possible to go to a notary and get some form of document or contract drawn...
  9. R

    Paying Car Tax in Turkey

    Hi WE need to renew our car tax, We used to pay this through our bank, but this is no longer possible unless you have a credit card, at the moment we do not possess a credit card. The bank told us that we can pay at the tax office. We are not sure where abouts in Fethiye the tax office is, Can...
  10. gam101

    Buying a car while RP is pending

    Greetings folks! So I read here in some post that an RP is required for motorcycle. I'm assuming same goes for a car. My question is; can you purchase a car while your RP (1st time) is pending? I'm considering a "pending" period because I also read here in a post that wait times for an...
  11. bickern

    Turkey's first indigenous electric car

    The prototype of Turkey's first indigenous electric car was unveiled on Dec. 26. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan thanked the creators of the prototype, "a professional team focused only on the task." "Today we witness Turkey's 60-year-old dream come true," Erdoğan said at a ceremony held in...
  12. immac

    Skywalk Cable Car Fethiye

    I went up to the top of BabaDağ mountain yesterday to see how the cable car is progressing: well advanced is the answer. Skywalk is the brand. The adverts say it is a cable car, but on the cables they are single chairs rather than cable cars. That might be the next stage. It is all very...
  13. M

    Car respray

    Does anyone know the average cost of a car respray, the paint is a metallic finish, and the car is a Opel Meriva. I just want a rough estimate before I visit some garages ( Marmaris) thanks
  14. IbrahimAbi

    Car tax

    It occurred to me today that I have not paid my car tax for the second part of the year. I have just done it through internet banking, This is just a reminder to others, if they have not done so. It is due in January and again in July. I am not sure how long you are allowed without the 'ceza'
  15. IbrahimAbi

    Jose Reyes killed in car crash

    RIP Jose.
  16. juco

    which car has the right of way?

    I dont know the answer but I am sure there must be something covers this in law. 3 cars stopped at a roundabout, who has the right of way?
  17. N

    car insurance

    my car is up for insurance renewal but i don,t wish to renew my insurance with direct line as they don,t offer any sort of insurance for turkey. does anyone know if there are any uk insurance companies which will insure for turkey.
  18. G

    car hire for bodrum airport required

    Hi has anyone got recommendations for a reliable car hire company, I need a car to be left at bodrum airport that I can leave there on my return. (driving to akbuk)
  19. Neil_Denizli

    Transfer of Car Ownership

    If I want to transfer the ownership of a car from my wife's name to mine, what do we need to do? Is it simply a case of going to a notary and writing an agreement and paying whatever sales tax might be required? She's Turkish, I'm both (naturalised Turk with regular kimlik and Turkish passport)...
  20. bickern

    Car tax rates for 2019

    Car Motor Vehicle tax rates for 2019
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