1. bickern

    Caption competition

  2. mollag

    Caption anyone?

    I pinched this cos its funny! :nod: Can anyone insert as an image please? Mummy says it will rain every day until they can get abu hamza to **** off.
  3. peter the postie

    Caption competition

    I reckon we have more than our fair share of clever & witty people on TLF. So lets see who comes out with the best caption for the picture. The subject is Gillett & Hicks so I'm expecting some good attempts :) The winner will have the option of a weekend break in Toxteth courtesy of Yalides...
  4. ceemac

    Caption Competition

    Let's have a little fun. Add your caption to the pic - I'll start; 'Look, it might be wee but it's wicked'.... C
  5. peter the postie

    Caption competition

    Just for fun. Whats the caption?
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