1. shirleyanntr

    teachers who protest met with water canon

    it says a lot for the state of Turkey under the AKP when teachers protesting the latest proposals are met with water canon and pepper spray.. As Erdoğan said when he saluted and praised the police thugs after the Gezi protests 'these are my police' (he could have added in my police state) we...
  2. C

    canon printer

    hi ive bought a new printer i tryed to print some flight tickets of and instead of printing the tickets there all kinds of bumf about thomas cook but no tickets theres 15 pages of rubbish. im not very clued up and dont know what to do have reinstalled it and still no joy help please
  3. jag

    CANON MV 880 X mini Digital camcorder; Used once

    First; the why do I want to sell it ? Two months ago I bought this all singing all dancing up to the minute engineering marvel for £310 from I was so impressed with it that I went mad and got an expensive spare battery for it soon after. Took it to Singapore last month and was...
  4. VWBug

    Cameras - Nikon D70 , Canon IXUS 700

    Re: My ebay sales What is the D70??
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