1. N

    unscrupulous Turkcell dealer in Candarli

    Just a warning to fellow users. I went in to the Turkcell shop in Candarli near Izmir yesterday to top up my internet card prior to leaving home.. this shop is run by an older chap , grey haired in his 60s. As I am only staying for another two days I just asked for 2gb just enough for a few...
  2. N


    I am told that their is an English couple who have a villa in Candarli, I was wondering if they are tl members
  3. B

    have arrived in candarli

    Hi every one just to let you no we have arrived in Candarli [28march] thought i'd let you no how things went our flight over was terriable had to turn back to England so instead of 4hrs it took 11hrs. But since then things have been going fine,we applied for a residence permit in Izmir to bring...
  4. luckycat68

    Anyone In Candarli ??

    Does anyone out there have any info on a little place called CANDARLI ? Apparantly its a small place but could be up & coming in the future Its near Cesme - i think ?? Thanks
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