1. K

    Short term permit cancelled?

    Hi All, Hope you’re all ok after this crazy CV situation! I’ve just read about short term/touristic visas not being extended as of the start of 2020? We are due to get married next year, we’ve just bought a house. Does anyone know what type of visa I can apply for? Thank you!
  2. R

    flights cancelled again.

    We came out to turkey this year earlier than normal to renew our rp and pay car tax .we flew out on the 10th of march ,with a return flight booked with jet2 for the 8th of April. When we flew out there was no suggestion that our return flight could be liable to cancellation from either the fco...
  3. A89

    Christmas flight cancelled.

    If anyone is booked onto the Thomas Cook flight from Antalya to Manchester on December 14 as I was - Its been cancelled. I only found out because I was on the chat service with them about another flight! They also said they'd refunded me the flight cost on June 20th immediately as I booked it...
  4. C

    Thomas cook flight Bodrum to Manchester, cancelled

    Anybody on the Thomas Cook flight back from Bodrum to Manchester Saturday night - Sunday morning, cancelled until 4pm the next day. No information given and around 300 people put up in hotels. Whats happening with Thomas Cook?
  5. IbrahimAbi

    VAT cancelled for foreign property purchasers

    A report in a Turkish Newspaper informs us of the intent to cancel VAT for foreign property purchasers. Turkey’s parliament has approved an omnibus law which introduced an exemption of 18 percent of value-added tax (VAT) for foreigners who invest in real estate in Turkey. The law, which was...
  6. I

    Flight's cancelled from Dublin to Bodrum.

    Got an email today from confirming that they were cancelling our holiday and in fact that they have made a commercial decision to cancel The Dublin to Bodrum route for 2016 ! We already lost the Cork to Bodrum route 3 years ago so this does not bode well for the future. Turgutreis...
  7. K

    120 day rule cancelled?

    Is this true or just a rumour? Just been told the 120 day rule is cancelled.
  8. newhorizon

    Britons with homes in Turkey could have residency cancelled

    I know many here have been following and providing helpful information on the 120 day rule in various threads, this was an article in today's news papers. Thanks to Andy Probert and Redders for comments in the article. _________________________________________________________________ Foreigners...
  9. bickern

    Turkey braces for storms as flights, ferries cancelled

    Turkish Airlines (THY) canceled 229 flights due to the heavy storm that took affect starting from 11 a.m. on Jan. 31, as inter-city ferry lines were also halted. The storm has also hit the province of Çanakkale as officials say these conditions are expected to last until Feb. 3. Banks of the...
  10. G

    Turkish Resident Permit cancelled - help much appreciated :)

    Hello Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but here goes... me and my friend were chatting before and she was telling me that she got in bother last season with the police in marm, i wont go into it much, but to cut a long story short her RP was cancelled and she had to go...
  11. giglets

    Gaza Marathon Cancelled

    Stupid and misogynistic Hamas ban on Women taking part, causes event to be cancelled. BBC News - Gaza marathon: UN cancels race over Hamas ban on women
  12. S

    Bah!!! End of the world cancelled

    I am well annoyed Was looking forward to the end of this miserable planet How the 'Mayan Apocalypse' came from a New Age magic mushroom trip - Yahoo! News UK
  13. I

    Flights Cancelled AGAIN

    Hiya All, has anyone been caught up with this Airflights cancelling flight recently. I received a letter from them on Thursday stating that their agent has cancelled my flights. I was flying out on Aug 12th for 2 weeks and I had booked these flights back in early January. The agent they used...
  14. B

    Cancelled Venue

    Due to unforseen circumstances the forth coming event in Bar 9 on Saturday the 7th January 2012 has been temporarily postponed. We sincerely appologise, and will re-schedule in the near future to show our appreciation towards our loyal customers and friends. We wish everyone a Happy and...
  15. E

    Funeral cancelled- Cant find the body

    The Hull mortuary could not find the body of a 77 year old lady on friday, so the family waiting at the church were told the funeral had to be cancelled. It turns out that the Hull city council believe that the lady was buried by mistake 10 years ago, instead of a 37 year old black man...
  16. E

    My HSBC credit card cancelled

    I only found out when Digiturk messaged me and said the card ws invalid. I then checked online and to my dismay it had been cancelled so i rang HSBC and asked why. The girl said I had been issued with a new card, the courier had been to my house and as I wasn't in ( no surprise, I work and live...
  17. S

    Aegean Flights -again!

    Just had an e -mail back from Aegean in response to an enquiry about winter flights. They said they may may not be running a winter schedule this year due to lack of interest in past years. If they are running a winter schedule the flights will be out on the website at the end on March. Can...
  18. butt007

    UK Hospital appointment cancelled

    Isn't it so blxxdy annoying, wife had appointment at Countess of Chester Hosp. for Wed 23rd Feb at 10.00am, T.Cook flight paid for Tuesday afternoon 22nd to Manchester. THEN......daughter texted us dinner time on Saturday to tell us she had just received a letter from said Hosp. to say the...
  19. S

    Flights to Uk Cancelled??? or delayed??

    Has anybody heard if any flights are definitely cancelled??? Trying to find out if Stansted is still open???
  20. Briand

    Cancelled flight.

    We booked our flights with Aegean flights on the 16th April to go back to the UK on the 12 November and today received an email from them for our Passport details which we did first thing this morning, just received another email tonight 7 o'clock from them cancelling our flight no reason why...
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