1. bickern

    Bloody cameras in Westminster

    The Labour Party leader can be seen sitting on the front bench in the House of Commons picking at his nose during a debate on the flooding crisis. As Labour MP Luke Pollard spoke his leader seemed more interested in his nose than the words of his colleague. After Mr Corbyn removed his finger...
  2. B

    Nikon Cameras

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a store on the Bodrum peninsular that might carry Nikon accessories.

    Web based security cameras

    I know this has been covered in the past but I was wondering if anyone can recommend some sort of web based camera I can purchase in the Uk or Turkey. Really looking for something simple to set up.... that can be tracked via a phone. Some idiot tried to break into my house recently even with the...

    Ip cameras

    The most recent thread on this subject is almost 2 years old and I was wondering if anyone had recently installed IP Cameras that are easy to set up and IDIOT proof. Suggestions and recommendations appreciated.
  5. T

    hidden cameras

    I just wondered if anyone knows of any good reasonably priced hidden cameras. My mother has carers regularly who visit the house (my mum pays for it herself), when the carers do personal care no one is allowed to be in the room sometimes I think they hurt my mum. My mum had a stroke and cannot...
  6. bickern

    top ten most lucrative speed cameras raked in £12million

    TEN of the most lucrative speed cameras in the country made a massive £12million in just three years, it has been revealed. Cameras used in England and Wales caught 200,000 speeding motorists, making millions for the state. The revelation will bolster campaigners who say that speed cameras are...
  7. S

    IP cameras

    Anyone any knowledge or experience in setting up web based ip cams? Gonna set one up in Umbongo on next trip
  8. altinkum kev

    New security cameras

    We are told that all the new cameras on all exits into and around the town are for security to cut down on the crime,well what a load of bull that is. The authorities are monitoring the cameras and sending out tickets to those who are illegally parked etc, now where did that idea come from, an...
  9. perfect1949

    should tv cameras be allowed in the courts

    what do you think should they be allowed in the courts , would the accused get a fair hearing . dave
  10. willip

    Turkish earthquake on CCTV cameras

    HOTEL COLLAPSES: Deadly Turkey quake caught on CCTV on MSN Video
  11. Yalides

    Security cameras

    Can anyone recommend a company or system they may be using for home security. I am looking for a system with a couple or three of cameras with as little wiring as possible. Thanks
  12. bickern

    The great switch off: Thousands of speed cameras set to be scrapped

    Britain’s network of 6,000 speed cameras could be dramatically reduced after a raft of councils looked set to follow Oxfordshire’s move and switch theirs off. The county’s entire network of 72 cameras will be switched off at midnight tonight after the coalition Government pulled the plug on...
  13. tomc1984

    Security Cameras

    Anyone discussed this yet in the forum. From April we need to have 24 hour camera surveillance. Not sure how this could work, we turn off the electric when we leave, suppose they have battery back up but for how long. Would it be better just to take a chance and pay the fine as and when. Maybe...
  14. J

    cctv cameras

    I could have been forgiven for thinking April 1st had come early today. We have received a message from our resident site caretaker that it is to be made obligatory for all sites to have at least one cctv camera installed complete with recording unit. It will probably cost us at least US$750. I...
  15. Martyn

    Hi tech speed cameras could be hitting our roads.

    and you won't even know you've been nicked it until you have the ticket. Let's hope the sat navs keep on top of it. Beware of the supertrap: Drivers could soon be hit by sneaky new speed cameras | Mail Online
  16. Martyn

    Speed cameras in the uk

    I drive 40,000+ miles a year with my job and until last year had never been caught by a speed camera. I got caught by a hand held unit and got a fine and 3 pts on my previously clean licence. I know I shouldn't speed so please don't tell me that but my question is has anyone been caught by an...
  17. VWBug

    Cameras - Nikon D70 , Canon IXUS 700

    Re: My ebay sales What is the D70??
  18. merlin

    Surveillance Cameras to Keep an Eye on Istanbul....

    Istanbul Bus Terminal has been included into the surveillance system that covers the city. The identity of everyone arriving in Istanbul will be detected through surveillance cameras. "Five million cameras are used in London for security. Istanbul has for the time being 570 cameras. We have...
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