1. bickern

    Caught on camera

    Police investigate after officer is caught on camera threatening to fabricate offence against young man they pulled over. Video footage captured the police officer in a heated confrontation. Lancashire Police have launched an investigation into an officer caught on camera threatening to...
  2. C

    Camera store

    Is there a store in Manavgat that sells professional cameras, or do I need to venture to Antalya or Alanya to find one? Thanks!
  3. yalimart

    Say cheese for the camera

    and then get your hand in your pocket ! Is this the way forward with our police forces or should the government revisit their swingeing cuts ? Martin
  4. B

    Drone. Anyone got a camera carrying Drone

    Hi. I want to make a promo video of my property using a quad copter drone . If you have one I would be happy to commission your time to help me make a video. I have flown them in the UK and they are great fun . Regards Alan
  5. Struggs

    Need a New Camera

    Firstly Merry Christmas everyone. I have some Argos vouchers, so thought I would get a new camera, as mine has packed in, looking to spend upto £80. But haven't a clue which is the best one, any recommendations from the following or any other suggestions welcomed. Buy Compact digital cameras...
  6. M

    Camera on blink

    anyone know of a good camera repair shop in Fethiye.Thanks
  7. Deri

    Camera Lens recommendations?

    Hi friends: My new Nikon D3100 came with a 18-55mm AF lens. Good for snaps, and I am reading about some ways of using the camera's features. It seems as good if not better than my old Olympus OM4. I hope to travel to Canada next year to do some canoeing / camping and get shots of autumn...
  8. Jaycey

    Looking for a camera

    If anyone has an old Leica camera in the attic I’ll give you 100TL for it. > > > > > > > > > > BBC News - Leica camera fetches 2.16m euros at auction
  9. A

    Nikon D50 Camera Charger

    I have a friend looking to borrow a battery charger for a Nikon D50 camera. Anyone got one that they could borrow overnight to recharge a couple of batteries.
  10. Jaycey

    Why I always carry a camera

  11. juco

    Invasive set top box has camera!

    My first thought was ` no way` would I have them videoing me in my own home, talk about invasion of privacy! Then I thought yip why not get the thing installed in my bedroom I always wanted to be a porn star :-)
  12. maggie

    Camera on tablet stopped working

    I have a Kocaso tablet and the camera has just stopped working ,Ive done a factory reset and its still not working . Ideas anyone on how to fix it .!!!! Thanks Maggie xx:20:
  13. Spurs

    Camera wanted

    I am looking to buy a decent digital camera. I do not know much about them but I know what I am looking for. Decent zoom & good a flash. I have one at the mo but want to improve. If anyone has got one "sitting in a draw" & wants to get rid, please let me know...
  14. Y

    Problems transferring from camera to computer

    I hoped someone more technically minded than myself (at least 99% of the population) might have some ideas on this. Recently I havent been able to transfer pictures from my digital camera to the computer. I took the camera into a foto shop and the card transferred onto their computer ok. They...
  15. A89

    Camera repairs in Alanya

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Alanya that repairs cameras? My cat has knocked mine onto the floor,the battery compartment has broken and the batteries keep popping out, wondered if its possible to get it fixed anywhere rather than having to buy another.
  16. peter the postie

    Budget Camera for wildlife.

    I'm looking at buying a digital camera with which I can photograph local wildlife, mainly birds. I haven't a clue what I need, or how cheaply I can buy it. Can anyone make any suggestions???
  17. S

    video camera

    I have a JVC Compact camcord camera the older style all works o.k. if you use mains electric, as needs a new battery, you can buy on internet or from the u.k. 2 new tape with it , + charger and carry case, cables for T.V viewing. all for 80tl or would like to swap for digital camera. sue tel...
  18. D

    Fethiye/Calis - Camera & Nintendo DSi XL For Sale

    I posted this in the Calis Beach forum but then found this one so I'm posting here as well - hope that's ok :ohwell: I'm selling a couple of items which I brought with me from England as they were leaving presents but will never use, hence both are brand new, still in the boxes: Nintendo DSi...
  19. altinkum kev

    Found camera

    Yesterday while in Turgutreis looking for a boat , i found a Nikon dig camera near the toilets on front ,didn't know where to take it so i left it with the staff at McDonald's if anyone knows of someone who has lost it please inform them.
  20. N

    Olympus E30 DSLR Digital Camera

    Olympus E30 DSLR digital camera, excellent condition. Bought it summer 2010 from Jessops to bring out to Turkey as I decided that I needed a new hobby. After reading countless reviews I opted for the Olympus and was extremely pleased with my purchase, it was used to take all the pictures at our...
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