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    Berts Calypso Bar Hisaronu

    I have recently been told by a couple of different people that Bert ( Calypso Bar ) is not coming back to his premises in Hisaronu :-( can anyone else confirm this as this news is a big disappointment :-( In fairness I could see last season how hard he worked for 6 months and the...
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    Calypso Hotel

    Can anyone comment on the Calypso Hotel. My friend is thinking of staying there in the summer. I'm not back over till the end of January so can't check it out till then. Thanks. Stan.
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    vino calypso

    Does anyone know what the red wine is like in Turkey,this is my favourite drink especially with food? I particularly like Spanish Rioja or Australian wine,dont want to ask for wine if its a bit like vinegar,you wine drinkers will know what i mean. Cheers Eileen[?]
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