1. bickern

    Gulen calling for violent revolution

    Newly-circulated footage - which is undated but appears to date from several years ago - shows Fetullah Gulen, a Turkish Muslim scholar, saying that violent revolution is justified and that the time is ripe for it. Gulen, who has lived in self-imposed exile in the US since 1999, is accused by...
  2. Yalides

    Cold calling

    Just how many cold calls can one expect during the course of the day. Its getting to be an epidemic now and I thought the practice had become illegal but I notice most are from call centres abroad. There are just so many times one can tell them to f**k off before the pleasure in doing so...
  3. M

    Calling any musicians out there.

    60 year old bass player with gear looking for any musicians wanting to play for fun. Any one interested drop me a line. Currently working with some locals but would prefer a slightly more rock orientated sound as well. Due to working restrictions this will be for fun or no payment for any...
  4. Tenpin

    Turkish court says calling Erdoğan dictator not a crime

    Taken from Today's Zaman. Today's Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news Until he gets the court decision overturned :)
  5. N

    Calling to South America from Turkey?

    Just wondering what the cheapest option is for doing this? I never saw any international calling cards around Turkey before. Any suggestions?
  6. kemerkid

    Calling all Altinkum residents, good car hire company?

    A friend of mine is booked into the Seahorse deluxe Hotel and Residences in Altinkum later this year and will be needing a hire car for a week. Can any of you good people over there recommend a car hire company with reasonable cars and rates, there will only be two of them but they will travel...
  7. B

    Turquise Calling Diane and Phil

    Does anyone know if Diane and Phil have been back or are coming back this year? They told me they planned to be back for the whole summer but I have been back for the past couple of months but seen neither. I know a family thing came up last year so perhaps that is still a issue? Any sightings...
  8. D

    Desperately seeking Audrey! - Avon Calling!

    Hi there all, I am hoping to find a lady called Audrey that has put in an Avon order with my friend Lisa. Lisa is going to be in Ali's Place tomorrow at 10.30 to drop off all Dalaman orders and let people flick through the new book but she has told me that she hasnt got Audrey's contact...
  9. D

    Calling Datca!

    It's a while till I can come back to Datca and the weather here is VILE. It's been a very long winter in the UK. No one has posted much but I'd love to know that you are all enjoying warm sunshine, a lovely Spring & see some photos of the almond blossom!
  10. D

    Calling Emergency Numbers fro UK Phone

    Hi, I've found plenty of information on Emergency Numbers in Turkey ie Police - 155 Fire - 110 May be a stupid question ... does anyone know how to dial these whilst in Turkey from a UK Mobile ... is it just 0090 155 for example Thanks in Advance Dale
  11. newhorizon

    Who's calling Turkey a police state?

    Lately, there has been a flood of articles in the western media arguing that Turkey is turning into a police state. Here is an excerpt from one of those so-called western "experts": "While former American ambassadors continue to shill for Turkey as some sort of enlightened democracy, the...
  12. S

    Calling back to UK

    Hi, I'm going to be on an extended trip to Dalyan soon for nearly 2 months and whilst here will be working remotely on my UK based business. Any tips on how, while I'm away from home (& my Skype) I can (as cheaply as possible) receiving incoming calls dialled to my UK mobile number and call Uk...
  13. S

    calling all finacial wizzards.

    am sure its been written about before but following the nationwides new charges for credit /debit cards has anyone come up with a workable alternative? i am thinking of opening an account with the hsbc in the uk and in turkey, they claim money transfers are free. is this true?
  14. M

    Calling all Sunflower Owners

    There are a few of us at Sunflower,who live full time on site,and are concerned that Oracle do not seem to want to do anything about the Gym area ,suggesting that owners should in fact look at spending there own cash on doing it up etc Also the broken sunbeds round the pool should be replaced at...
  15. S

    Calling Young Pensioners!

    I came out here 8 weeks ago a normal worker never unemployed, worked since I was 16 I return home 2 weeks today as a 47yr old pensioner. Any tips for getting the day in-bloody dreading it/scared stiff!
  16. S

    Advice pls - Mobile B'band, Skype & calling UK mobiles!

    Hi there I am planning a 2 month trip to Turkey (Dalyan) and will need to work from our place of residence which does not have wifi! Can anyone advise me on the best way to use a mobile broadband dongle (I have a UK dongle) & credit in Turkey and how long this might last for use on the...
  17. shazeroo


    Hi - I am hoping to drum up some support from everyone in Yalikavak. If you have seen this week's Voices newspaper, you will have seen that Yalikavak Council have failed to keep their promise to complete a small temporary holding area which has been set up to keep neutered (and injured/sick)...
  18. essex_girl

    Calling for an ambulance..

    My friend is visiting our house in Turgutreis and asked me how to get an ambulance in an emergency. Should she call the policlinic or hospital? I am ashamed to say I have no idea. Of course, she only speaks English which would complicate matters. It would probably be easier to ask a Turkish...
  19. H

    Calling all expats in Bodrum - from Hürrieyt yesterday

    Calling all expats in Bodrum - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
  20. B

    Calling all Yasmin Garden owners

    Hi All, This may be a long shot so sorry to bother you if you can't help. I posted a thread called 'Complex Rescues' as I am a buyer at White Beach Village and we have all had a fairly hellish time as five years in we are a good deal poorer and have no site to use and no title deeds. A guy had...
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