1. S

    Wonder was the carry out called The Wan King

    I mean a really good chow mein gets my motor running too but there's limits!!!!!
  2. juco

    Why it is called memory foam!

  3. A

    Uk Tv New System installed called blade

    A friend of mine has just purchased a brand new idea for watching uk tv via the internet its called blade ,, "Live English tv through your internet. She is really pleased with it . The box has all the English channels including sports channels which are extra Just plug it in to your tv and you...
  4. juco

    There is a reason they are called terriers

    Not Turkey, but terriers are not called terriers for no reason.....:-) Ruthless Terrier Puppies Attack - Funny Videos at Videobash You will probably get an annoying advert first.
  5. P

    Do you know someone called Wilson

    Do you know someone called Wilson, who is having a pre fabricated house build in Akbuk, Mr Wilson has 2 sticks to aid walking this is urgent I need to contact him
  6. E

    england football called off

    England football called off tomorrow night because of the riots. christine
  7. Yogi

    Bahrain GP called off

    Bahrain Grand Prix called off - Yahoo! Eurosport
  8. newhorizon

    Naked rollercoaster called a record

    I have never quite worked out why folk need to get naked in order to give to charity.... or get others to give to charitable causes.. Is it that they need to be 'seen' as doing something? This applies to all Charity Balls and Galas with huge organising costs and publicity. Would they donate...
  9. peter the postie

    What was the game called

    I'm trying to recall the name of a game which was released last year. It was on the Wii & XBOX platforms for sure. All I can remember is that it featured one particularly blood ridden scene in which you take part in a massive shootout inside an airport terminal in Russia. Help me before I lose...
  10. D

    Anyone know anyone called SWORD living in Marmaris?

    Hi I have been a member for several years but this is my first post. I find the forum extremely helpful & wish I had been a member before I bought the villa. My partner Jeff & I move out to Gumusluk tomorrow. Jeff has been told he has relatives living in Marmaris - surname of SWORD. We...
  11. whu66

    The So Called Beautiful Game

    Rip Very Tragic.... Justice for Brice Taton
  12. S

    Not apologising to Bob

    I have been watching the various posts of this website long before I joined... and here is my conclusion... So, Bob ‘the nob’ has resigned. I am very glad to see this. I ask you to look back through his previous posts and you will find that he is an over opinionated man who has no...
  13. C

    What is this food called?

    We had what looked like an oval shaped scotch egg in Turkey but without the egg and pork. The waiter squirted lemon over it and it was very hot and spicy. Does anyone know the name and if you can buy them in England? Thanks Carol
  14. 4rickshaw

    An irishman called Paddy

    Paddy and his wife were lying in bed one night and the neighbours dog was barking non stop in the garden. Paddy says, oh stuff this and storms downstairs...5 minutes later he comes back and his wife says...what did you do...Paddy says...i've put the dog in our garden, lets see how they like it...
  15. shirleyanntr

    Indian recipe for something called ''chat''

    im not joking..i once had a fabulous dish and cant remember the full name only that it was something chat..anybody know please.
  16. J

    That Car Park called the ..........

    M6 I have got to go to Kidderminister again tomorrow and face the prospect of the M6. Was down there on Thursday and it took me 4 hours to get back to M/cr due to 3 accidents. Was in Uxbridge the other week and had to divert via the M1 and the pennines, cos the M6 was shut due a major...
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