1. Tenpin

    Turks call for Netflix boycott Turks call for Netflix boycott after rumors of gay character in new show Rumors of a gay character in a new Turkish Netflix series, Love 101, have ignited calls for...
  2. bickern

    Germans call for DEXIT

    ‘No EU slavery!’ Germans call for DEXIT a week after hailing Brexit success GERMANS are demanding their own Brexit - dubbed ‘Dexit' - as Deutschland politicians are battling tirelessly to follow Britain's lead to quit the EU as a matter of urgency. Berlin’s right-wing populist AfD party leader...
  3. B

    118 call charges rip off.

    118 numbers introduced in 2003 following deregulation. You can almost hear it " free market competition will make it more efficient and will drive down prices" Oh dear now having to introduce cap because of rip offs. What a surprise. Let's look at other successes, public utilities, public...
  4. bickern

    Just call me Gramps (or Dede)

    Well, my daughter went in on Monday afternoon to have her first baby and it was to be induced, then and there started the traumatic time for all. After not daring to go to bed and sleep and what have you, as I was kept informed (one good thing about WhatsApp and FB Messenger) that absolutely...
  5. bickern

    Call for black person to feature on new £50 note

    Call for black person to feature on new £50 note An MP has called for Mary Seacole to become the first ever black person to feature on British currency after the Bank of England confirmed plans for a new £50 note. The Bank of England has announced that the “more secure” polymer notes will be...
  6. 3

    A close call

    I suppose its always been on the cards but its an eye opener as to what the security forces are up against. It was only the other day that Germany announced crime figures were down but this is something new.
  7. S

    Good call by a big hearted cop
  8. bal canavar

    Police assault cellist in İstanbul, call her ‘terrorist’

    The mentality of the police sent to control the Metro entrances, these outsider police with low thinking and not from the district...... see Kadikoy (Istanbul) as to liberal/western a hot bed of anti-Akp being a CHP district. They use these special powers brought in for the Coup to lay down...

    Call me simple

    When ever I am at home why do some folk want to torture me with there craft beer or their trendy little Spanish mouthwash. Leave me alone..... I am happy with my Guinness and Efes, regardless of price
  10. bickern

    Goodbye church bells, hello call to prayer...

    Just replicating a news item, it is just a petition... Mind you if they get enough to sign it, and they probably will, it will have to be debated. Interesting when a friend was married a couple of years ago she could not have the bells because they were deemed too noisy...
  11. bickern

    Call For Blair To Be Held To Account Over Iraq

    10,000 Call For Blair To Be Held To Account Over Iraq. More than 10,000 people have signed a petition calling on Parliament to hold Tony Blair to account over the Iraq War. The number means the government will have to issue an official reply. There have been renewed calls for the former...
  12. IbrahimAbi

    German police evacuate Turkey bound plane after anonymous call

    police evacuated a Germania plane due to take off from Kassel airport for Turkey on July 5 after an anonymous caller said luggage on board posed danger. Germania said flight ST8056 had been due to fly to the Turkish resort of Antalya before notice of the threat. All 128 passengers and seven...
  13. bal canavar

    Airport project in Kaş NGO'S call for a halt

    NGOs demand halt to airport project in Kaş Local NGOs have submitted a seven-page report to local state bodies opposing the construction of an airport in the resort of Kaş in the southern province of Antalya, as they fear the airport would have irreversible consequences for the town, which...
  14. Billy Joe

    Was,call me Dave,right.

    Has David Camerons stance against an open door policy for refugees,migrants economic or otherwise been proved to be correct in the light of developements in Germany.I assume there will be those in denial as it was in the Dailymail. SUE REID warns sex attacks by migrants have unleashed dark...
  15. suzyq

    Call For Martial Law in Turkey

    As the escalation of violence in the country has raised a sense of insecurity among its citizens, Turkey’s nationalist party leader has called for a declaration of martial law. “Under today’s conditions, as terror has reached its peak point, the National Security Council [MGK] should hold an...
  16. T

    Call to ban smoking in parks and public places

    Thousands of acres of parkland in London and landmarks including Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square should become smoke-free zones, a report has said. The recommendations could become a blueprint for the rest of Britain, according to report author and cancer specialist Lord Darzi, who was...
  17. beyazbayan

    Dr Call out

    Dr Call in Ataturk Cadd has a new İrish/English receptionist ex medic and one of the doctors is a USA educated english speaker. They also do house calls. Tel 0090 242 511 17 01
  18. stmary

    what do you call relatively old

    Is it 45 is 55 is it 60 , What do you say is relatively old is, because i think everyone is still young until they reach 80 years old and beyond
  19. B

    Police Call Handler.

    Dale Cregan: Police Call-Handler's 'Help' If this bunch are guilty, then hopefully they will go down for a very long time. Bill.
  20. B

    Off shore Call Centres.

    After the nPower saga, has anybody got a good word to say about foreign Call Centres. I must admit, I can see no benefit to UK consumers. Do they reduce costs to customers in the UK? I very much doubt it. Bill.
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