1. G

    Calis open or closed?

    Hi all, Just wandering how things are at the moment, are the bars and restaurants open? Looks like flights from the UK are starting next week.
  2. M

    Sitesi Recommandation in Calis Beach, Fethiye

    I'm researching various sitesi around Calis beach in Foca Mh and Akarca Mh to purchase a detached villa. Which sitesi do you recommend for high built quality, modern, family oriented and quite (as opposed to a sitesi that most of their villas being rental holiday homes, noisy and popular for...
  3. suecheshireuk

    Looking to buy in or around Calis

    We will be coming over on the 28th August for 10 days to view places to buy. Just wondering if any members know of any private sales. We need either semi or detached villa. Not on a complex. 3 bedrooms. Pool NOT important, secure garden. We have a few viewings already lined up with emlaks...
  4. suecheshireuk

    Looking for rental properties near and around Fethiye or Calis.

    Well, it actually looks as though we may finally be on our way back, fingers crossed. We will be coming over within the next couple of weeks to look for somewhere to live, so if anyone can offer any help on this we would be really grateful. We need at least 3 bedrooms, pool not important, not...
  5. H

    Expat community in Calis Fethiye

    I visited this resort on a number of occasions a few years ago and found that it had a close knit expat community. Is this still the case?
  6. T

    Anyone selling a villa in Calis

    Hi I'm hoping to buy a Villa in Calis , Is anyone looking to sell or know any up for sale, 3/ 4 Beds, with own pool Many Thanks
  7. L

    Long term rental calis beach

    Hi all Iam looking to rent a villa on a long term rental from end of 2016 or early 2017 anyone know anywhere? Any help would be great. Thanks dave b
  8. davidmbell

    First Time to Fethiye - Staying in Calis Beach (Hotel Mutlu)

    Hello forum, I am not new here, having posted a fair few times when I first started going to Turkey about 10 years ago, but on the Turgutreis/Bodrum forum/area. I fell in love with Turkey when we came 10 yrs ago, and we went about 8 times from 2005 to 2010, bringing more and more family...
  9. T

    Carpets & Curtains for Sale - Çalis Area

    GOOD QUALITY CARPETS NEWLY CLEANED AND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION: Beautiful thick lounge carpet, beige with red/maroon border approx. 2 mtrs x 2.5 mtrs. Cost 450 TL asking 150 TL ono (it's shown in the lounge photo) Runner in beige with red pattern 80 cm wide x approx. 2.5 mtrs...
  10. immac

    New GP Surgery Calis

    A doctor from Fethiye Letoon Hospital (I think) has struck out on his own to open a GP Surgery in Calis/Akarca. Seems like a nice chap. Brand new surgery with consulting rooms, treatment and laboratory facilities. If you want to register go along and fill out a form in English. Dr Ali Bigonah...
  11. K

    Quad bike in Calis and horseriding

    Hi everyone , can any one help me on the following question I'm coming to Calis in August , and I am interested in renting a quad bike , do you know how much they are to rent Also horse riding , is there anywhere for my sons girlfriend to go horse riding Last question , I have been let down...
  12. F

    Things to Do around Calis ?

    Hi Folks, Heading to Calis for a few days days June 11. Was wondering if there are any must dos in the area and best way to go about doing them ? Any Family excursions/ruins/boat trips? I'm interested in doing Parasailing if anyone has inside info. I've been to Antalya many times so am well...
  13. D

    Helicopters over Calis today.

    This afternoon, I saw at least two different helicopters, one of them a large military one, looked like a Puma, one a Huey with red and white markings, presumably a rescue or police helicopter, circle around overhead and land not far from my apartment. It looked like they landed in the grounds...
  14. A

    Rental in Calis 2015

    Hello. I have some friends looking for holiday rental in Calis. Require 1 apartment for 2 from 8th August to 25th September. Require 1 apartment for 6 or 7 11th August to 25th August. Dates are approximate. If anyone can help I will send contact details.
  15. I

    Calis Xmas fair

    Can someone tell me if this is still going ahead despite the weather? I don't want to travel for an hour or so for nothing and so enjoy it. Thanks.
  16. P

    watering holes between Calis and Fethiye

    Hi all I am looking at next years holiday and have spotted some nice apartrments that sit between Calis and Fethiye approx 20 - 30 mins walk along the front in both directions. obviously I am aware of dolmus etc and on an evening 20 mins is nothing , my question is if I wanted a watering hole...
  17. Ian2006

    For Sale - 3 / 4 bed Large Duplex - Calis Beach

    Re-Listed with Correct Video Link and Reduced - Video Working this time :thumbup: Hi Everyone – we are putting our very large duplex apartment in Calis Beach up for sale. Great location, great site – top quality build – all documentation in place – no military clearance required – solar...
  18. B

    Footbridge in Calis beach

    Can anyone on the ground in Calis tell me if the footbridge over the waterway is accessible to a powered buggy. Does it have ramps or steps?. My disable friend is staying this year at Club E instead of Mutlu and is concerned she may have to go up to the road crossing. Thks.
  19. C

    Long term rental fethiye calis ovacik

    Family of our wanting long term rental apartment/villa with pool and prefer furnished initial period June 2015 to June 2016.
  20. Ian2006

    For Sale - Large Duplex - Calis Beach

    Hi Everyone – we are putting our very large duplex apartment in Calis Beach up for sale. Great location, great site – top quality build – all documentation in place – no military clearance required – solar heated water – council tax £52 pa and site fees £450 pa (2014/15). As large as a villa...
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