1. shirleyanntr

    forum calender

    recently we were talking about who was in or due to come to the Alanya area and it was a bit messy the way we were doing it. Never thought about the Forum Calender..already there and split into months. so lets use that ..and take it from there. ─░ think Lyndas mum is coming to Konakl─▒ in March...
  2. L

    2008 Calender

    Hi admin, Shall you be updating the calender for 2008? so we know who is there and when? Found it very useful 2007. Many thanks - Joan
  3. S

    rent calender web site

    Does anyone use rent calender on their own websites? I havnt been able to get into it for about a week,anyone got any info on the site situation? thanks
  4. Danny and Gwen


    It sounds a little stupid, but can you tell me how to put our dates onto the calender. Thanx, Danny
  5. C

    Printable recipe calender

    Nice recipe calender, also links to make your own calender (uploading your own pictures) Calender :pressie:
  6. lorraine

    Calender dates for Turkey

    The site below is for information regarding religous holidays until 2008. Calender of Religous dates and holidays in Turkey :)
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