1. Tommie

    Turkish Calendar

    I'm trying to get a calendar produced for members of my FB group and I'm having problems paying for it. Designing the calendar is no problem but getting it printed is a nightmare. I have purchased many items online from various countries, other than Turkey, over many years without any payment...
  2. Sunny Seasider

    Chinese Calendar

    But, I've only got a Chinese Calendar from my Trusty Takeaway, did you know this is the year of the snake Pete. :mmph: I was born on a Friday 1956, the year of the Monkey, and Friday's Child is Loving and Giving.
  3. N

    Forum Calendar stuck at 2010

    Can someone please update the calender its 2 years out of date:thanks:
  4. Harem

    2012 Formula 1 Calendar

    2012 FIA Formula One World Championship Race Calendar 01 2012 FORMULA 1 AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX (Melbourne) 16 - 18 Mar 02 2012 FORMULA 1 PETRONAS MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX (Kuala Lumpur) 23 - 25 Mar 03 2012 FORMULA 1 UBS CHINESE GRAND PRIX (Shanghai) 13 - 15 Apr 04 2012...
  5. christella

    2012 Playboy Bunny Calendar!

    2012 Playboy Bunny Calendar! 5IMG][/IMG]
  6. v6cod

    2012 Calendar

    Don't buy your 2012 calendars yet, the Dalyan Street Animal charity calendar will be available from the 10th December 2011 for the very reasonable price of 7.50tl (plus post and packing where required) All proceeds from this will benefit the street animals of Dalyan. It will be Spiral bound...
  7. bickern

    Miss Dalaman Airport 2011 Calendar (Feminists DO NOT LOOK)

    January February March April May June July August September October November December
  8. ceemac

    Islamic Calendar

    The Islamic year has twelve months that are based on a lunar cycle. Allah says in the Qur'an: "The number of months in the sight of Allah is twelve (in a year) - so ordained by Him the day He created the heavens and the earth...." (9:36). Islamic months begin at sunset of the first day, the...
  9. ceemac

    Scottish Advent Calendar!

    With advance apologies to all my Scottish brothers and sisters heheh C
  10. Mushtaq

    UFUK Hillside Calendar

    Hi, I have created a separate calendar for UFUK Hillside you can see it here The calendar can also be found from going to Calendar from top menu and then selecting UFUK Hillside from the Calendar Jump link below the...
  11. T

    Sowing/Harvesting Calendar

    No idea myself when to sew seeds of vegetables & some flowers & herbs in Turkey. Moving to a larger piece of land & will be growing alsorts for own use + some for neighbours etc. Would like to try peanuts, swede, parsnips & basil to name a few. I would like to make up a calendar as to when to...
  12. R

    2009 calendar of datca

    I have put together a calendar of datca starring some of the characters around the town from photos I took when we were out in october.I hope to raise funds for Melike and his clinic for special needs children in Datca. Has anyone any ideas of how to sell them in Datca (anyone going out soon?)or...
  13. Mushtaq

    TLF 2007 Calendar competition

    The competition is now launched, so let's have your pictures please, upload them in this thread or if you have problems, email them to me (see my profile and use the msn link) and I will upload them for you.
  14. Struggs

    Calendar & Pocket Book

    2007 Rosenborg Calendar, each month has a new recipe. Free hard copy of E-mail security for Dummies pocket book
  15. Mushtaq

    Forum Calendar

    Please use the forum calendar to put your travel dates, so that it's easier to meet up, also might be worth putting your contact numbers in your profile, makes it easier to get hold of people over there :cell:
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