1. N

    Cafes, restaurants and local amenities

    Hello, we are visiting koyunbaba area in April and haven't been over since 2014. Are there still the little local eating places such as Ada and Ehl-y keyf still open? Want about the little local shops such as the bakery, water shop etc. Any in old be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Any internet cafes with printers?

    Hi, can anyone tell me if there is an internet cafe in Alanya that has the ability to print? Or what the turkish word is for printer so that I can go in and ask?
  3. Martian106

    Internet Cafes

    Hi, Any info regarding internet Cafes/FreeWiFi In Avasalar, Manavgat or Side would be of great help, May have to work whilst I am on Holiday, (Grrrr grummble) Many thanks :19::angry:
  4. F

    kalkan internet cafes

    [B] While I am in Kalkan next month I shall need frequent internet access - who knows of any internet cafes within the village - and how much can I expect to pay? Falcon-I
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