1. bickern

    Dac Cafe & Restaurant - Dalaman

    No, this is not a review of my favorite Turkish restaurant, but then again maybe it is. For those whom are not aware of it, it is adjoined to the prison at Dalaman and serves to rehabilitate offenders by giving prisoners training that can be utilised to gain employment on their release. The...
  2. O

    A dating cafe in Alanya?

    Any dating cafe or restaurant in Alanya?
  3. C

    Internet Cafe

    Can anyone recommend somewhere in Yalikavak to print out some documents, perhaps an Internet cafe?
  4. W

    new cafe in Dalaman

    Hi to all in Dalaman, just to let youknow that there is a new café at the traffic lights, opposite the chicken butcher, we went to eat there last night, We had a very acceptable fish and chips(order in advance) with salad and a soft drink or tea and coffee, and bread The surroundings are a...
  5. J

    Jazz Cafe - take care!

    Continuing on my theme of local places to eat / drink we paid a visit to the Jazz Cafe on the waterfront the other night. There was live music courtesy of a girl duo who were ok. The drinks are on the high side (say, 15Tl for a standard size Efes) which we assumed was to cover the live music...

    Espavo Cafe Beach Restaurant

    Anybody been down there and seen Tayfun is he open this season he was unsure backend last year whether to open Thanks in advance Phil
  7. bal canavar

    Cafe Hostages in OZ

    There is a breaking story out of Australia on BBC International. A gunman has taken several people hostages at a cafe in the Australian city of Sydney. Pictures on Australian television showed people with their hands up against a window, and a black flag with Arabic writing. The cafe in...
  8. T

    Sunset Bar and Cafe in Tuzla

    Anyone out in Tuzla this week? Is ithe Sunset still open? I see Sunset 2 has opened with what looks like the table and chairs from the original. Just curious about the original site and what is going on there. The new one is closer for me, not sure if that's good or bad.
  9. A

    Cafe Chantant

    Has anyone tried Café Chantant on the airport road? It looks very smart especially for Dalaman.
  10. C

    New Restaurant/Cafe in Dalaman - Cafe Chantant

    We have just been to the opening of our friends Bulent and Sinem's opening of their new restaurant/Cafe bar absolutely fab food ambience and more important for my hubby lots of tv's that show all the sports!
  11. B

    Marti's Cafe

    I like to while away an hour or two in Marti's, sip a beer or two and chat, I enjoy the atmosphere. What I don't like is their variable pricing. Two days ago, two Efes 14tl, today 4 Efes 32tl, this has happened before and I argued the toss, but now I just can't be bothered, I probably won't go...
  12. T

    Europe's first 3D printing cafe opens doors

    Technology is wonderful, the first 3D printing cafe opened in Barcelona, I can't wait till they open one in the UK looks like great fun.
  13. niamh

    Limon cafe

    Just spent a lovely afternoon at limon (in square by migros) and thoroughly recommend it! I had a frappe, salad and then managed to squeeze in tiramisu... Most definitely the best tiramisu I've had in turkey (and it's my favourite dessert). Goodluck to them, nice place and nice people :)
  14. I

    Jazz Cafe Gumusluk - blues bar

    Hi, saw a poster today for a blues band playing thurs night in gumusluk/yali. anyone know how to get there coming from Turgutreis. Thanks in advance.
  15. dande

    Kültür Café & Play Area, Çeşme

    Kültür Café has only been open for about a month offering a snack and main meal menu and - this is the difference - a colourful and attractive indoor play area for young children in a safe and enclosed space. We took three ‘experts’ there recently – three of our grandchildren who were visiting...
  16. H

    Indian Cafe

    Hi all I am living i the UK atm but considering moving to Turkey with a friend. I would like to open an indian cafe in Turkey if it's viable. Mainly fast food like samosas, kebabs, tandoori chicken etc.. At the moment it's just a thought. What do you think? Any input will greatly appreciated.
  17. H

    Harabe cafe (apollon)

    Hello everyone my name is Alev and I am new to forum it is such helpfull site. Thank you
  18. O

    Opening Party at ZeroNine Cafe Altinkum

    ZeroNine Cafe/Bistro is having it's opening party this Saturday from 6pm. It is located behind the Olive Trees & My Turkish Home on 76 Sok. Close To Tuntaş & LeToon Hotels.
  19. G

    Thursdays at The green oasis cafe

    In case there is anybody who doesnt know! Thursdays are when we all expats meet up in Gazipasa and have a drink and chat and have a laugh together. Everyone is welcome!:clap:
  20. The Expats Wife

    Bizim Ora Cafe Bar

    Bizim Ora Cafe Bar, has brilliant food and entertainment, but I am biased as thats my mum and dads place :)
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